Friday, July 17, 2015

Cousin Camp 2015: On the Pond

I promise my intentions to post more pictures have been good.

There has been so much going on!

This time around I want to share some of the beautiful pics Mom took of our adventures on the pond.

There are actually 2 ponds on The Farm. The one in the pasture is residence for frogs and a few hot cows (ew). The one closest to the house (pictured above) is quite lovely.

Even in the driest of summers it has still kept a level of water just right for fishing. It is filled with frogs, turtles, variety of fish and all manner of flora and fauna.

The rains that we've experienced lately has left the The Pond full to the brim.

We hadn't even begun Cousin Camp before The Cousins were begging to take their first turn about the pond in the rubber boats my parents keep for such the occasion.

We let them lose the first night after supper. It was a lovely clear evening. The frogs had just begun their song.

The rubber boats have seen better days. We sent Josiah into the pond in one of the, well...less sturdy boats. He happens to be an excellent swimmer and we knew that he would survive if suddenly plunged into the murky depths.

Yup. I'm that mom.

It wasn't too long before we realized that this boat wasn't going to float.

I'm just sayin.' Any water apparatus that can bend in the middle is probably not a safe place for 6-year-olds.

Thankfully, this boat wasn't going anywhere.

Maddy (who celebrated her 11th birthday that week) informed me that she was older and could now operate and paddle a boat on her own. I didn't want to tell her that the reason she hadn't been allowed to operate a boat before now had nothing to do with her age.

She's just Maddy. She spent 5 minutes paddling around in circles.

Her cousin, Cade, had to finally rescue her. I don't believe she asked to paddle her own again.

I'm the king of the world! Or at least this pond.

Raft wars?

It was just a peaceful evening. I have to say that the little one in the back of the boat (Brynn - age 10) actually had strep throat. However, we didn't know she had strep throat until the next day.  She was a trooper.

Easy living.

Eventually the crew got tired of waiting around for their turn to paddle about in the boats and jumped in.

 Josiah showed Alex the backstroke. Kinda. He did more showing out that anything.

Not sure what the hand is raised for. Alex is our world changer. She is probably asking if the pond is ecological sound.

 It was a nice evening for all.

With a lovely moon...

And even lovelier faces...

The kids spent lots of time in the pond. Ama (my mom) even got in as much as she could. My sister-in-law got these pics.

She did have to be pulled to shore. I think the next item on Dad's list of "To Build" is a dock.

It's these kind of experiences that they will remember. I'm glad.

I have more pictures to post! Just not tonight....


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