Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A TOS Review: Homeschool Planet

You might have heard that I am not the most organized girl in the world. That would be true.

Most of the time, I wander about my day looking as if I can’t quite remember something. Which I probably have.  However, let it be known that I am a Master Planner. I can plan a party down to the last toothpick.

My issues with Homeschool Planning is that….it’s at home. Frankly, I didn’t have this kind of trouble in my own classroom. At home I get so distracted. I also have really good starts and not so good finishes.

Another problem is that I like things to look pretty. Which is probably while I tend to favor paper planners. I can doodle and scrap to my heart’s content. I also like to have carry it around with me to swim team practice and whatnot.

I’ve tried several online planners. Some with more successes than others. I recently had a chance to review Homeschool Planet. It is an online planner from the folks at Homeschool Buyers Co-op.


Homeschool Planet  is an online scheduler, planner and calendar. There are more moving parts that I can’t possibly describe it all.
Right now I want to let you know my experience and what stuck out at me.

We are currently in a little bit of a lazy summer. There presently isn't a whole lot to schedule. Other than Swim Team practice (Josiah) and plenty of reading (me).

I decided to go ahead and start planning for fall. I was able to specify what day I wanted to start and then finish.  We generally have a 4 day school week because of my husband's work week.  The program allowed me to check the boxes I needed. There is also a handy tool that added any holidays. I could also go in and manually check off any days off.

Under the Subjects tab I was able to go in a set up our course work. There was even an option to specify which subjects are core.

I was able to choose how I wanted to track Josiah's hours.

I doubt that many of you will be has happy as I was when I discovered that I could change the theme of the planner. I picked something blue and peaceful!

Now that I had something I liked to look at it was now time to set up Josiah's information.

I started by scheduling in his Swim Team Practices. It allowed me to even pick a identifying color. I was able to plug time and how long the practice lasts. It keeps track and adds them to Josiah's school hours.

I then begin to start planning Josiah's subjects for the fall. This is the screen shot of his science assignments. One of my very favorite parts is that I can add website information, extra assignments, pdf files and more! I included a website in this particular block of assignments that Josiah can explore.

I also have the option to send Josiah's assignments to him via email.

If you are like me there will be days that "stuff" just doesn't get done. Homeschool Planet has a reschedule. You can just move an assignment where you want it to go!

This obviously isn't my screen shot. Who are all those people? I'm just using it for show and tell.

Another favorite. You can add a resources. No more trying to remember that one site. You know. That one. I am in love.

Here is a look at the calendar in all its glory. You can see that it is very well done.

There are so many neat bells and whistles. There is a widget for a shopping list and a widget that allows you to plug in a daily Bible verse or quote.

So here in the bottom line. This is a fantastic planner. I have decided I can have the best of both worlds. I am going to do my best to take advantage of this great planner. I can have my small paper planner to carry around with me so I can appease my doodle beast.

There is a 30-Day Free Trail available for Homeschool Planet. Go check it out!

You can connect with Homeschool Planet via the following social media outlets. Click on the banner to read more reviews.


Homeschool Planet Review

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