Friday, July 10, 2015

Cousin Camp 2015: We've Been Framed!

Generally, I post our Cousin Camp adventures by days.

I'm not going to do that this time around. I've been going through the pictures and I'm all confused.

I can't remember when we did what.

I'm still catching up on that nap...

Today I want to share just a few of the pictures from our Dress-Up photo shoot.

My Mom, as usual, worked her picture taking magic. She took all the pictures from Cousin Camp this time around. Except for the ones that I posted on Facebook from my camera phone.

For Cousin Camp this year (Mystery at Raccoon Manor), everyone had been assigned a different character and they got to dress up from an assortment of goodies we had gathered.

Mostly, we found the dresses at a Thrift Store (with the exception of a few of Mom's rather sparkly ones). The girls made their own headpieces from bits and pieces I had assembled and we ordered the boys hats and bow ties. The boys jackets came from some tuxedo suits that a friend gave me. We did have boas that I had purchased from Hobby Lobby. I think one I found at a Thrift Store.

I tried to talk the boys into dressing up their outfits with a few feathers....nobody paid me any attention.

We had trouble talking Cade (age 13-on the right) to dress up as anything. Don't worry. I was perfectly content with letting him pose in his OU t-shirt and Basketball shorts. He eventually decided that he could manage throwing on a pair of jeans, turning his t-shirt inside and out and putting on the hat. You can see that nobody else had the same kind of reservations.

The Group. We do have just a few posers in the bunch.

I mean. Really.

We could probably take this bunch on the road. As what. I'm not sure.

The girls. They were all over this. Mom had them stand over in Dad's metal gathering spot. He is going to take that stuff to the scrapyard. That's why we can see what looks like random refrigerator shelves. It takes talent to look classy amongst scrap metal.

They were told to make pouty faces. I'm sure their parents recognize these particular expressions.

More poutiness. Just a note about the bird perching on Maddy's head. (left) I found that in the clearance wedding stuff at Hobby Lobby. We attached it to one of those stretchy headbands I found at a dollar jewelry store in Branson. I was pretty sure that either Maddy or Payge (age 6) would think the bird was awesome.

This is one of my favorite pics. Just coolness.

Is this a group or what? By the way. The stuffed lion you see in Alex's possession (middle) is her prop. Her character (Miss Prentiss Nightingale) ran off to join the circus. She is a lion tamer.

Just a little advice on wrangling up costumes. Just in case you ever have the need to dress your children, nieces and nephews up for a mystery party photo shoot at a farm way out in the boonies of Missouri.

1. Check to see what you have first.
2. Never spend too much on a costume. Search the Thrift Stores or ask a friend.
3. Sometimes you just might need the hint of something. I made pirate tutus last year for Cousin Camp. Obviously for the girls. They were still talking about them this year. We all know that lady pirates didn't wear tutus. But we added some black leggings, party hats and attitude. It worked.

4. We let the kids dress themselves for this photo shoot. We just laid everything out and they got to pick out their own outfits. It was fun to see how everyone interpreted  their own character.

I would give some advice on taking pictures, but that isn't my department.

Just don't drop your camera in the pond and try and aim for your subject.

That's all I got. Not that I've dropped my camera in the pond.

I couldn't find my camera for most of the week. Actually. I still can't find my camera.

I'll share some more of Cousin Camp pics soon.

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