Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Weight Loss Journal: I'm Back in the Saddle Again

I'm saying it out loud.

I've gained almost 35 pounds of my 80 pound weight loss back.

Ding Dong it!

I have had some help. I had to start taking some medication that caused an increase in appetite and weight.

But then there was some stress eating and missed trips to the gym.

Let's not even talk about the Twinkies that came home with us from our trip to Indiana a few weeks ago.

Mostly, my body doesn't work right. Sometimes I deal with crazy food sensitivities. My thyroid is wonky and my hormones are just running amok.

I've really, really struggled with all of this. I've been discouraged, depressed and unmotivated.

My thoughts have been, "Why even try. Nothing I do works."

Some of you have been there. Maybe you are there.

I am ashamed. I feel like I have let myself down.

I never want to go back to what I was. I want to move forward and be a healthier version of myself. I want to stay around for The Muffin and Josiah. I want to look cute in my clothes.

The past few weeks for me has been a reevaluation of my goals. I have discovered that I have significant triggers and that, yes, it is harder for me to lose weight. But it's not impossible.

I've had to have some frank conversations with myself. Which is always interesting.

I'm kind of fruity.

Do you need to get back on the weight loss train? Or maybe you've never really taken the ride.

I think I have a few tips that might encourage you.

1.Take one meal at a time. We get so busy and wrapped up in day-to-day stuff. I have to remind myself that living healthy needs to be one of the top priorities in my life. Therefore, I have to consider each meal as if it is contributing to my ultimate goal. Because really it is!

2. Be deliberate about your movement. If you haven't been working out for a while don't immediately think that you can jump back on the treadmill for a an hour. Begin your routine again by adding just one healthy habit at a time. Park away from the door at the store. Use your hand weights for an easy workout while you are watching TV. Go on a walk with the family. You will eventually be conditioned to start adding in those more strenuous activities. Just be consistent.

3. Be prepared to have some frank conversations with yourself. I am the queen of excuses. Granted...most of them are pretty good ones. But I also have to take ownership for the things I have allowed to creep back in my life.

4. Take a good look at other areas in your life. Are they contributing to your health goals or are they a hindrance. Stress is a biggie for me and I have had plenty of it recently. My truth is that I am a stress eater. And while I thought I had put some of that behind me I have found that when pushed I am capable of reverting back to my old habits. I have had to recommit myself to finding healthy ways to combat my stress.

5. Make sure that there isn't an underlying medical issue. Sometimes we can be dealing with some sort of deficiency or maybe a reaction to a medication. I don't think my thyroid is functioning as well as it needs to be. And then there is the fact that half of the medications I am on can contribute to weight gain. I am going to have to have some heavy duty conversations with my doctor.

6. Give yourself GRACE! There have been many times that I have just beat myself up. I have been ashamed. Why can't I just get a handle on this. The truth is that some of this I need to leave to God. He can provide answers where I see none. He can provide strength and grace when I have none to give myself. My responsibility is to do what I know how to do; which is...eat real food, use sensible portions, move my body and just live!

Have you been here? Are you here right now? I suggest that we encourage one another.

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