Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A TOS Review: Stinky Kid Math

Math isn’t always easy at our house. Josiah has dyscalculia and I am constantly looking for resources that can present the ideas in a way that he might understand. He does respond well to video tutoring and some computer based learning. I think it’s because he can watch videos over and over again as needed. I, myself, did well in my college algebra class (in college). However, I am one of those peculiar learners who have no idea how I know what I know. Know what I mean? I also am a teacher by training, but it's been a long time my friends. Plus, there wasn't a whole lot of Algebra learning going on in my kindergarten class. I felt I could do with a refresher myself. If Josiah is going to enter this whole world I need to be on my game. 

Enter Stinky Kid Math. For one, who could resist something called Stinky Kid Math? I have had the opportunity to review this online math product over the past few weeks. I received a Stinky Kid Math subscription for 6 months for the purpose of my review. 

What I Received

As I mentioned above, Stinky Kid Math is an online math program that teaches:

 Foundational Algebra (Pre-Algebra & Algebra 1)

Complex Algebra (Algebra 1 & 2)


Each section is broken down into smaller concepts. Each concept has a series of videos. These aren’t long videos (perfect for Stinky Kids everywhere). There are approximately 300 videos.  There are also lesson PDF's, worksheets (along with answer keys) and games to help reinforce the skills being taught. 

I liked that I could pick and choose any concept as we went along. The videos and accompanying activities are excellent supplemental resources. It is not intended to be a comprehensive curriculum, but certainly can be used as one. 

How We Used It

Josiah has struggled with even remembering his basic math facts. In my frustration with trying to find methods to help him conquer that particular mountain I have been guilty about neglecting other parts of his math education. In my search for wisdom in helping Josiah learn to compensate with the dyscalculia issues I discovered that he learns best with story based methods.

It was also my hope that this program would also give me a little Algebra remedial course.

The learning model behind Stinky Kid is story based and uses a fun formula to help students solve any algebraic equation.  

I found that the site is extremely easy to navigate. There are a few different ways you can use the program. You can use the search box or browse through the videos to find one that meets your needs. 
Or you can go through the program by using the "Video Lessons in Order" option. 

I decided to use that option. 

This is one of the first videos we watched. You can see how easy the whole site is easy to navigate. 

Here is a little bit of a look at what's involved. 

This is an Algebra Overview. On the left-hand side are the videos under this particular lesson. 

Here is a little look at the PDF lesson (under Books). The Worksheet is also a PDF.

This is one of the games we enjoyed. It is called Math-A-Mole. In this game we are supposed to find the coordinates on the graph. Big fun!

My Thoughts

This was such an easy program to use and to navigate. The videos were just the right length. They were short and easy to understand. Josiah also enjoyed the instructor. 

I really appreciate the fact that I could easily find any topic. We spent quite a bit of time just reviewing (and reviewing) concepts that were harder to understand.

I truly like that it has helped me with some of my own forgotten Algebra skills. In fact, Stinky Kid Math is an excellent tutor for any student. 

Just a word for those who have children who struggle with dyscalculia. I don’t think there is ever an easy answer or solution. I think, however, that the more we expose our kiddos to positive and helpful math resources (such as Stinky Kid Math) the more likely it is going to stick.

You can connect with Stinky Kid Math via the following social media outlets. Don't forget to click on the banner to read more reviews. 

Stinky Kid Math Review

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