Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Homemade Pudding (One Quart)

It's Fall Y'all. 

By the way. I never say Y'all. 

I imagine it is because my parents never used it. Even though they both were born in the sticks of Southwest Missouri. I, myself, have only spent a few years out of the hills (only to return again). 

I did just a little research and found this article on Branson slang. My momma was born in Branson. I thought it was interesting that the author was right on the money about "You All" and Southwest Missouri Hillbillies. Some of the other vernacular I was unfamiliar with. 

Don't get me wrong. I had the "hickiest" accent as a child. It still can creep up on me when I'm not looking. 

This post, of course, has nothing to do with my accent...

I am going to share with you an old family recipe. 

This was the one that Mom fixed on those chilly evenings when we all were looking for something sweet and comforting...and fast. 

I didn't know what instant pudding looked like until I was a teenager. 

Lately, I have been fixing this recipe more often.  It is yummy and so, so easy. 

Years ago, Mom and I made a little cookbook. She did all the hard work. She actually hand illustrated all of the recipe pages. 

It's quite charming. This is the page for the One Quart Pudding. 

This recipe doesn't require a lot of ingredients. It does call for a quart of milk, but you can make that up in any combination you wish. I have used almond milk, coconut milk, canned milk, heavy whipping cream (yummers) and just plain skim milk. I have to stay away from a lot of dairy so I use a combination of almond milk, coconut milk and whipping cream.

I also use sweetener in place of the sugar. I am diabetic and am also careful with what I eat for  weight loss purposes. Sugar is not a superfood!

This is a microwave friendly dish and it takes just minutes to make. This is a terrible picture. You can almost see how it is thickening up.

And turns out just creamy and wonderful. I did sprinkle a bit of nutmeg on my serving here.

Here is the recipe.

In a large microwavable bowl combine the following;  

1 quart of milk
2/3 cup of sugar
1 egg, well blended
4 TBSP cornstarch
dash of salt

Put in the microwave. Cook six minutes. Take out and stir with a whisk. Cook another three minutes. Take it out and stir. It should come up to a boil and thicken. Stir and then add:

3 TBSP of butter
1 tsp. of vanilla

Just a note: I think it would be yummy with a little lemon for a fresher tasting pudding. The vanilla is really versatile. I know my Mom used to make different flavors when we were growing up. Josiah loves the vanilla and that is what I make. 

This recipe is just an old-fashioned dish of wonderfulness. Perfect for cool evenings. I think I might go make a batch.  

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