Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Curse of the Apple Pancakes: A Weight Loss Journal

It's been a pretty good week. 

I did fall off the wagon today, however.

Yesterday I made Josiah the most scrumptious apple pancakes. They smelled divine. 

He acted like I had just clipped his toenails and added them to his favorite batter. 

You would think I would have learned by now. He loves my pancake recipe so add anything to it is to defile it. 

What he does not know is that I have been adding stuff for years to his precious pancakes. 


This time, however, I felt like we could all be grown-ups and left the apples a little chunky. 

Anyhoo. Let's just say that there were a lot of pancakes left over. I gave into temptation this afternoon when my blood sugar bottomed out. 


Today I want to talk about something that I have started doing that I used to be soo faithful at. 

Writing down what I eat. 

I stopped because I was comfortable with my calorie intact/general healthiness of my meals. I have gotten away from it and I realized I needed to be accountable again.

What helped me quite a bit when I was in my weight loss desert (when I was struggling to lose anything and stay on track) was looking to see what people were successful at losing weight were eating. 

Let's be clear about this. 

All of us have different issues. I am extremely sensitive to certain foods (for example, apple pancakes make with white flour). I also have certain nutrition philosophies. 

But...I think that I need to be accountable to someone and you, my friends, are about the best somebodies I can think of. 

So. Starting next week I am going to start sharing not only what I am eating, but my exercise endeavors. I know first hand how it is to think, "I'm really not eating that poorly." Then. You start remembering the bite of the cake and the handful of peanuts and the extra sugar in your coffee. 

Also...please be in prayer with me about something. I have been long under the conclusion that my synthetic thyroid medication isn't working the magic I need it to. There have been some obvious symptoms that can't be ignored (as much as I am capable of that). I have a call out to my doctor's office to set up an appointment. 

I am praying that she will be open to other avenues of treatment for me and that I will find some relief. 

Thank you, my friends. Hope you have a wonderfully healthy week! 

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