Friday, May 27, 2016

A sweet visit...

I am so blessed.

I may or may not have mentioned this before, but when Troy and I adopted Josiah we made the conscience effort to stay in touch with some of his birth family.

I recognize that this is not something every adoptive parent can or should do. Josiah was not adopted out of a troubled and abusive situation. His birth mama simply had the wisdom to know that she was too young to raise him. She wanted things for his life that she knew she couldn't provide him at that time.

I think she has to be about the most special person in the world.

At the time, her grandparents were the backbone of her support system. And for years now, we have been in contact with these precious people in some way. Visits, phone calls, cards...

Through it all they have been nothing but gracious.

It was important for us to have people in Josiah's life that he could look at and know that there was a deeper connection. I am not saying that the deepest connection can't reside between adoptees and their parents and families. I know first hand how precious our relationship is. I couldn't love another child anymore than I love Josiah...even if that child had come from my womb.

Adoptive parents know what I'm talking about.

Josiah has been able to have the best of both worlds.

Last week, I made a yummy dinner. I set the table with a new table cloth and cloth napkins. I brewed iced tea and Josiah made his favorite no-bake cookies.

His great-grandparents were coming for supper.

They were visiting family and made a special trip over to see us. They live far away from us and we hadn't seen them in a few years.

 I can't even begin to tell you what a sweet visit we had. They couldn't stop staring at our beautiful boy. They tousled his hair and rubbed his shoulders. They compared noses and decided that Josiah got his sweet tooth from his great-grandpa.

Great-grandpa filled him with all the wisdom he could in that short time. "Work hard. Study hard. Love the Lord."

After supper, they took us to Josiah's favorite ice cream place. We ate our ice cream out there on the side walk and later Great-grandpa slipped Josiah some cash to "take mom and dad out for ice cream one night."

Josiah could not stop grinning. When the invitation came for us to visit them out of state Josiah immediately started pestering me.

He even reminded me today of our invitation.

Our visit got me thinking. When you live with someone day to day it is easy to take them for granted. You are familiar with the curve of their cheek or the cowlick on their crown. You know their mannerisms and habits and peculiarities.

When you are the parent of a child is it not hard to become easily irritated by something that their doing. Especially, when that child is now a teenager.

I've thought about my own interactions with my son. Sure. He knows we love him and I'm not about to give him a free pass concerning stinky attitudes or unfinished chores.

You know what I mean.

But. I can  temper my responses. I can tousle his hair a little more. Pepper our conversations with pleasant words and smiles.

I never want to take for granted this gift. This boy.

Did I mention that I'm blessed?

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