Friday, June 17, 2016

Color Run

Yup. It's hot out there.

The difference, however, is that this year we are driving a 2012 Ford Focus with AIR CONDITIONING.

Sure. Bertha the Buick had personality, but she lacked a cool breeze on a hot day.

We're living in a new world, my friends.

I posted this pic of Josiah last weekend on Facebook.

As you can see, he had just finished running a color run.

3.5 miles in a cornfield in Illinois. It was hot...about 95.

The fact that he won (YES!) blew us away.

He ran the race with his Aunt Deb and Cousin Keri.

And here he is coming into the finish line.

You can see he had been thoroughly doused in the color. It looks like he took a bath in it.

After walking around a bit to cool down this was his position for a bit.

And one must never let a water bottle go to waste. I say make your own rain!

This week I've been trying to keep Josiah active. He's not swimming this summer on swim team and I have a dreaded fear of teenager couch potatoitis. That is a real thing. Some of you may have some in your house suffering from it.

Anyhoo. This week we've made it a point to get to the Y. He's been playing basketball and I've been using the NuStep. I saw a picture of myself recently. I need to shed some of the weight I've gained back. I, myself, suffer from middle aged couch potatoitis.

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