Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Randomness

In honor of Fridays everywhere...Some Randomness. 

1. The Muffin and I feel like quite the gardeners this year. We spent Monday looking for 2 inexpensive planters to put some tomato plants in. This is the deal. We got the plants on sale at Aldis for .49. We didn't want to spend that much more for planters. We wound up finding 2 good-sized buckets at The Dollar Tree. The Muffin drilled some holes in the bottom and now we're living the dream. 

You have to know that for a good number of years during our married life we had a good-sized garden in or backyard. Since living in The Apartment on the Second Floor we've had to make do with wishing. and hoping. and dreaming. 

2. I think it's a possibility that my son is trying to break a "no shower" record. Or at least see how many days he can wear the same clothes. Your talk about funky. There isn't a stink quite as stinky as a Teenage Boy in Summer stink. 

3. So Cousin Camp is quickly approaching. I have been busy planning and ordering things like "miniature fairy garden mushrooms." I just found out my brother got us a bunch of Starbucks coffee. And being that I put Fudge Making on the list as one of our activities, I can say that it is looking to be a pretty good time. 

4. Anybody else have a problem with binge-watching a show? My 2 shows lately have been Larkrise to Candleford on Amazon and Call the Midwife on Netflix. The Muffin things I have an obsession with Great Britain. He's probably right. You know you have a problem when you start throwing around phrases like "top notch and tickety boo." 

5. My Muffin got me a Fit Bit for Mother's Day. It is amazing! And somewhat quite disheartening. For one, I don't move around as nearly as I thought I did. We can safely say that I am not in the least bit hyperactive. Couch Potato is my super power. 

6. Weekend plans? The Muffin's birthday is on Monday. My parent's celebrate their anniversary on Sunday. At some point I will make a cake and wrap the secret birthday gifts I have been hoarding underneath my bedside table. The one thing about both of my guys...they aren't nosy. I have literally hid Josiah's Christmas gifts in plain view and he's never even batted an eye. Now me? I have always been eternally nosy. I used to go out of my way to peek when I was a kid. Now I like being surprised. Which is always a struggle. Do I read the back of the book or wait until the story ends naturally? It's a problem. 

Have a great weekend! 

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