Monday, September 12, 2016

The Moving Diaries: Attack of the Books

I do need a little updating before I let you read the rest of this post. Amidst all the crazy that is my life write now I realized that I hadn't posted about our BIG change here on the blog.


As you might know, The Muffin is an ordained pastor with the Assemblies of God and we have taken a church in the State of his birth and raising.

I wrote the post below last week when I was sitting in my little corner of the couch. Obviously, I neglected to hit "publish."

So here you go. Just a few thoughts from my fruity world.

When I close my eyes I can imagine that this is my view.

Pretty spiffy,huh?

The irony is that as I type this, The Studly Muffin and Josiah are watching Jaws on Netflix. I've got my headphones listening to music so I don't have to listen (not a fan of man eating sharks). Want to know what just came on through my headphones?

Ride of the Valkyers. I kid you not. It was meant to cover the sounds of screams of people being devoured by a crazy shark. I think all it does it enhance them.

Anyhoo. The real picture I have in front of me is much more terrifying than any shark. It is, my friends, the sights and sounds of moving.

Boxes, boxes everywhere.

I need to come clean here and now.

I am a bibliophile. I also am a book hoarder. Not only that...I am an unapologetic book hoarder.

I used to feel a bit guilty about that.

No longer. When we started homeschooling I realized that I could claim all my books as necessary educational materials. I had found my tribe. My peoples.

Needless to say the majority of my packing thus far has been books. Where in the world have I been keeping all these books?

Moving isn't for sissies.

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