Friday, September 23, 2016

The Moving Diaries: It's Fall Ya'll!

Shew! I'm wiped out!

This moving stuff is tough work. We are slowly getting it whipped out. I've tried to set goals for myself. Some have been unrealistic. Some have been as simple as this.

"Today I will brush my teeth."

It's the little things. Am I right?

This week Fall arrived. You wouldn't know it here in my new state. They are telling us that they experienced the hottest summer in  years. They could just be pulling a fast one on us, but I've visited Indiana often enough in the past to know that this could be true. And that by winter I'll be wishing for this overly toasty weather.

If you know me well, this next bit of information won't surprise you in the least.

I don't even have my kitchen all unpacked, but I made Josiah and The Muffin hunt down The Fall Decor Buckets. Notice the plural.

That's the way I roll.

Currently, there are pumpkins and a turkey sitting on a desk in my living room. We can't completely get through said living room, but we are festive.

I haven't had as much time to spend on the blog as of late. I intend to remedy that in the near future (fair warning). In the meantime, I thought I would give you a few links to my favorite fall recipes. Keep in mind that the only hot food I've had this week is food that folks have (a) brought to my front door or (b) eaten in a restaurant.

Our church folks are so great! They made sure the fridge was stocked up with food. We haven't starved.


Here are some favorites.

This Chocolate Cola Chili always reminds me of fall. I made this for Josiah's first birthday party (he is a November baby). It yummy!

Ida Brown's Fresh Apple Cake  is a perfect sweet treat for a fall day. This recipe comes from my childhood and a sweet church lady named (you guessed it) Ida Brown.

Monkey Bread  is one my family's favorite treats. In fact, I've added to family holiday celebrations the last few years. It doesn't require a lot of ingredients. Just a little time for biscuit cutting.

One last link then I'll let you get to bed. A few years ago, I wrote up a post featuring all kinds of pumpkin educational projects,..including making a batch of easy peasy pumpkin muffins and a link for a yummy pumpkin chili. You can check out that post here.

I couldn't help sharing this picture again. This is Josiah and his cousin, Chris, investigating a pumpkin.  I can't even stand it! My baby now has facial hair and a deep voice.


So there you go, my friends.

I'm heading off to bed, myself.

After, of course, I brush my teeth.

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