Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Educeri (Homeschool Review Crew)

I am always on the lookout for new resources that can help me as a homeschool mom and teacher. Recently we had the chance to review the Educeri Lesson Subscription Service from Educeri…Educeri a division of DataWORKS. This online resource provides ready-to-teach lessons for grades K-12.

Basically, Educeri is a whole library of  online lesson plans. The majority of the lessons are either math or language arts. There are a few for science, history, music and art. There are over 1000 plans to browse through.

You can either search for a particular lesson or browse through the lessons based on grade or subject. The lessons are in a slideshow form and some have printable handouts for extra practice.

There is also a handy option that allows you to make notes or “write” on each slide as the lesson is being taught.  More on that in just a minute.

First, I want to show you how it works.

Here is a lesson on identifying compound sentences with transitions. This was in the 8th grade Language Arts category.

I decided I wanted to work through the slides with Josiah and use it as a teaching tool rather than an independent learning activity. Josiah is dyslexic and that method just works better for us. 

You can see by this screen the title of the lesson and the grade level in the top left hand corner. You will notice that the grade level is posted on the right hand side of the screen above the subject. Under Additional resources there is a link for a PDF handout. 

After I click on "Teach the Lesson" it will move into a slideshow. All you need is an internet connection. I do have the free Adobe PDF Reader already installed on my computer for the handout, but you don't even need that if you don't want to take the time.

This slide shows me the Learning Objective and does some assessing of prior knowledge.  You can see the handy dandy marker tool in the right hand corner, but this lesson almost teaches itself.

You see that information in red? As you click on the arrow buttons at the bottom of the slide the answers will begin to reveal themselves.

 Here is a slide further down in the lesson. This is guided practice. What I really like about this slide is that it contains information to remind the student (and teacher) what he or she needs to know to complete the exercises successfully.

And look it there! With each magical click of the arrow button the answers are revealed.

This lesson has plenty of extra practice. And you guessed it!  The student or teacher is gifted with the option to see the answers with each click of the arrow button.

Okay. So I realize that some of you might not be excited about little red answers as I am. Here is how I see it. It's been a loooong time since college. I am a visual learner that needs somebody to walk me through it. It took me just seconds to bring this particular lesson up on the screen. By slide 2, I was Identifying Compound sentences with transitions like a pro. As a result, I am a better teacher.

And here is the other bonus. I didn't have to hunt all over the internet for a complete lesson. I simply poked around Educeri.

Here are a few things you need to know. 

I think Educeri is best used as a supplemental resource.  I wouldn't try and make it into a complete curriculum.

The lessons are compatible with all web browsers and operating systems. I believe that Educeri is widely used in classrooms. I didn't have any difficulty using it with my one student on our home computer.

Most of the lessons are either math or language arts. These subjects, however, are the ones I feel I need the most assistance with...especially since Josiah is in his freshman year of high school.

There is a free trial subscription available. I suggest you go check it out!

You can connect with Educeri via the following social media outlets. Don't forget to click on the banner below to read more reviews.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/educeri/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/teacheduceri   @educeri
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/Educeri/

Educeri Lesson Subscription Service
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