Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Familyman's Christmas Treasury (Homeschool Review Crew)

I realize that most of us are just now putting out the pumpkins, but Christmas isn’t too far down the road. Before you roll your eyes at me and go back to sipping your pumpkin spiced latte, I need to tell you about something I’ve been reviewing. We have been blessed to receive TheFamilyman’s Christmas Treasury-Audio Collection from The Familyman. This great collection is also available as Digital Downloads.

You have to know by now how I feel about audio story products. This is just how we roll, folks! They not only can be great family experiences, but they have SAVED our homeschooling. No kidding. Just recently, we took a very LOOONNG road trip to a funeral. We listened to audio books the whole way.

Guess what. Not only were we passing the miles very enjoyably, but we were DOING SCHOOL!

I do need to tell you about this latest review. I’ve enjoyed Todd Wilson’s cartoons for a number of years. He just gets homeschoolers. Which is a possibly a good thing considering he and his wife, Debbie, are homeschoolers. He specifically ministers to homeschool dads.

Here is what I got:

Captain Chaos and the Manger Blaster- This is a great story for all your superhero fans. A little boy, tired of the same old story of the manger and baby Jesus, pretends to destroy the manger with his Captain Chaos superhero story. Things don’t work out the way he expected.

The Stranger – There is a stranger in town and everyone is in an uproar. But is he who he seems?

Cootie McKay's Nativity- Cootie McKay’s Nativity is just precious. You can guess that Cookie McKay is quite a character. He takes on reconstructing the town nativity (after an unfortunate mishap with a Buick). 

Gladys Remembers Christmas – Gladys hates Christmas. She also hates her name. She was named after her mother who died when she was just six. Something happens that changes everything.

Harold Grubbs and the Christmas Vest- Issac’s dad wears a particularly scruffy Christmas vest through the Christmas season. The story behind the vest is all about the meanest man in town and what changed him.

It's Called Christmas- This story is set in the future.  In this future, there is no Christmas. Our hero of the story sets off to find what Christmas is about.

The Bishop's Dream- A sweet story about a bishop who cares for poor children. This story has a twist. It reminds us who Christmas is all about.

The Secret of the Snow Village- What would happen if a Christmas village suddenly came to life?

Some of these stories do come in CD form, but all of them can be purchased as digital downloads. The stories aren’t long.  They range from about thirteen to thirty minutes in length. We had such a good time listening to them. Personally, I was a bit more inclined to whipping up some hot chocolate and draping some Christmas lights over something. They really put us in the Christmas spirit.

My favorite part of all the stories is that they truly represent the true meaning of Christmas.  The master storyteller himself, Jim Hodges, makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. Listening to him tell a story is such a pleasure.

My personal favorite (and my husband’s) is The Stranger. It’s one of those stories that challenges.
Josiah couldn’t name a favorite. He loved them all!  

All the stories are treasures! They need to be in every family library.

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The Familyman's Christmas Treasury - Audio Collection {The Familyman} Reviews
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