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Thin Stix (Kwik Stix) Homeschool Review Crew

It’s no secret.  I love art supplies! This might have something to do that my momma is an artist and I have never had a single moment in my life where there hasn’t been a paint brush, colored pencil or blow dryer (if you happen to be doing watercolor) stashed away somewhere. That is why I was so EXCITED to get to review Thin Stix 6pk of Classic Colors from The Pencil Grip, Inc.

If you aren’t familiar with Kwix Stix let me fill you in. They are solid tempera paint sticks that dry in 90 seconds. They also don’t make a huge mess. And if you have ever painted with children you know what I’m talking about. This means there are no paint brushes, nasty water cups or smocks to deal with.

I’ve had plenty of experience with the Kwik Stix and have found them to be so much fun to work with! You can use them on any kind of paper, cardboard, wood or canvas.

The Thin Stix were created to use with projects that required finer detail. I received a 6pk of Classic Colors. One of my favorite pastimes is to doodle in a journal. I find it peaceful and I can spend time with my boys while they are watching some kind of sporting event on television.

I use a variety of mediums in my journal. Colored pencils, gel pens, gel crayons, etc. I wanted to see if the Thin Stix would be something I could add to my collection.
The journal I use is a simple lined journal I purchased at my local superstore. I am not a stranger to using Kwix Stix and have used the originals (in addition to some extra pretty metallic and neons) for art projects for homeschool and parties.
I am well aware that they are excellent for making posters, creating wrapping paper, painting on wood and much more! I have used them on regular paper, but I wanted also to see if they managed the thin paper of my journal.

This first project has some finer detail that didn't handle the Kwik Stix as well. They are thinner than the original Stix, but not quite thin enough, as say a colored pencil or  marker. However, you can see that the colors (though smudgy) are brilliant.

This project didn't require as much finer detail. The vivid color leant itself to the cartoon quality of my project. I did, however, have a harder time blending the colors.

This project is going to eventually be some sort of background, but I wanted you to see the thickness of the Thin Stix. What I LOVE about these is that they completely cover. I didn't have to draw my line but once. The color is thick and has great coverage.

For this project I struggled most with the flower. The tips aren't fine enough color detail, BUT you can write over the Kwix Stix paint with a permanent marker for lines and detail. Some products don't allow you to do that. I did find with this project that I could add some interest by layering the yellow over the green to change the color tone a bit.

 So here are my thoughts in a nutshell.

I was hoping that the Thin Stix would be a bit thinner. I do a lot of drawings with fine detail and I don't think I was able show my best. HOWEVER, the con(s) absolutely are silenced back into the art closet of shame. I LOVE, LOVE how brilliant the colors are. Kwik Stix have an extra super silky texture and they are extremely fun to use. They color a larger space without the hassle of a marker. In fact, I didn't get a picture, but I created a sign for a project that simply says "cute." It took me half the time and I was pleased as punch at the results.

Another BIG deal is that Kwik Stix only take 90 seconds to dry. You heard that! 90 seconds! Think about all the little wooden birdhouses you could paint this summer.

My plans involve my great collection of Kwix Stix and canvas bags at our annual Cousin Camp this summer.  There is NO mess! There won't be hours of trying to resurrect dried out acrylic paint. They will fit nicely in a box and we won't have to spend hours trying to scrub paint out of clothing.

Another benefit for me is that the Thin Stix are easily portable. I like to take my journal on trips so I can doodle on the road. These easily fit in my art box. They add another fun tool for me to use.

Thin Stix Kwik Stix is fun, fun! Go check them out!

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No Mess Art with Thin Stix Classic Colors {The Pencil Grip, Inc. Reviews}
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