Friday, May 19, 2017

Captain Absolutely (Homeschool Review Crew)

I have a confession to make. I didn’t actually do a lot of prep work for this review. When we received Captain Absolutely from Focus On The Family in the mail, I handed it over to Josiah.

There were a few things that compelled me to beg ask to be on this review.
First, the main character’s real name is Josiah. I know! My Josiah is 15 and for a few years he went through a real struggle with his name. He would only answer to Starkiller or Joe (true story). Now he’s at peace about it and actually introduces himself as “Josiah.”

I’d say that’s progress.

And then the Captain Absolutely character comes from the Adventures in Odyssey. We have LOVED Adventures in Odyssey for years. Another reason (and a biggie) is that Josiah is dyslexic. He is doing really good, but I seldom can hand him a book and say “read this” without some hesitation on his part.

The comic book format was PERFECT for my guy.

So let’s talk about Captain Absolutely. He was a mild mannered young man (named Josiah King) who becomes his superhero counterpart via a radioactive explosion and a room filled with banned books that happen to be Bibles.

His nemesis is Dr. Relative. There are equally creepy villains along the way to battle and we learn what the Bible has to say about real truth and how to live it in a sin filled world.

Before I give you Josiah’s opinion (which he was excited to give) let me tell you about what I thought. The comic book is really well made. The pictures are colorful and engaging. It is not a wimpy comic, but a good, substantial book that will appeal to moms and kiddos alike.

I think the age level for this product will depend on your kiddo. I certainly recommend it for elementary and up. It is not so babyish that it won’t appeal to older kids who enjoy comics. There is certainly plenty of action scenes and tension.

For my part, I LOVE that there is a whole lot of Scripture and discussion concerning things we face in today’s society.

In the back of the book there is a section called Big Questions.

From….Why should you clean up your own messes? To…. Are you willing to suffer for God?

And one of my favorites…Why do Christians care about hygiene and appearance?

Preach, Captain Absolutely.

There are even page numbers directing you to the portion of the comic book that deals with each issue. There is also a section that outlines each character. And we loved the part that talks about the real King Josiah in the Bible.

Here are Josiah’s thoughts.

“I really liked this comic. I like that the main superhero’s name is Josiah. He helps to teach us about God’s Word and what is right and wrong. I hope they make more of them.”

This one is a winner!
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