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Adventures of Rush Revere! (Homeschool Review Crew)

You might know Rush Limbaugh best as a radio host. He has made quite the name for himself as a political commentator and observer of “life.” But do you know that he has written a series of children’s books? When the opportunity came to review his Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series, I knew I needed to be in on this one. Read on to find out more about Adventures of Rush Revere #1 New York Times Bestselling Book Series by Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh!

You first need to know that there is nobody in my house that fits the recommended age level for this one. It is intended for ages 8-12. However, I was thoroughly entertained and informed throughout my reading of the books and it has been well-established on my blog that I am neither 8 or 12. Or even 8+12. But…and this is a biggie…I LOVE history and I also wanted to give my dyslexic son (who also loves history) some reading material he could tackle without feeling he was lowering himself down to the level of a Golden Book. The Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series fit the bill.

This series presently contains five books. Rush wrote them along with his wife, Kathryn Adams Limbaugh. Our main character is Rush Revere, a substitute history teacher with a time-traveling, well-verbed horse named Liberty. Liberty can talk, y’all. Which, of course, interjects some humor and interesting situations into the stories. All Liberty has to say is “Rush, rush, rushing to history” and they are off to a new adventure.

Liberty, however, is not like a famous, modified car of time-traveling fame. He cannot go into the future. These five books takes us to meet the pilgrims, introduces us to key players in the American Revolution and  American patriots like Samuel Adams and Dolly Madison.

Before I tell you a little about each book, I do need to tell you that the books are gorgeous and so well constructed. They are all hardback and came wrapped together in a pretty blue bow. It was like Christmas!

Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims – In this book, Rush Revere begins his job as the teach substitute history teacher at Manchester Middle School. We are introduced to students, Tommy and Freedom who get to go along on the time-traveling journey. They meet Myles Standish, William Bradford and Squanto. They learn how much the Pilgrims suffered just to be able to worship in freedom.

Rush Revere and the First Patriots - Liberty and Rush Revere take their students back into history to meet our first American heroes. They are joined again by Tommy and Freedom and a new friend, Cam. The destination is America just before the American Revolution. They meet Ben Franklin and other brave men and women who dreamed of freedom for all.

Rush Revere and the American Revolution – This book is dedicated to all those family members who have loved ones serving in the military. Rush Revere and friends meet George Washington and are there during the ride of Paul Revere. Other exciting adventures include the Battle of Bunker Hill and the First and Second Continental Congress.

Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner – It’s field trip time for Rush and his students. This book introduces us to the importance of the American Flag and other American symbols. We are also introduces us to Francis Scott Key and how The Star Spangled Banner came about.

Rush Revere and the Presidency – The final book of the series (as of right now) helps us get to know some of our early presidents and their wives. Rush Revere’s students are shown great examples of leadership and our election process.

These really are special books. Each one contains beautiful illustrations and pictures of historical sites, historical documents and more.  For more educational fun, you can also go to The Adventures of Rush Revere website.

So these books are not only about true historical events, but they are just plain fun. They are written in such an entertaining and engaging manner. I think they would be a good edition to any family library.

Just a P.S. before I leave you. No matter what your political affiliation it is important that we all engage in the study of history. I personally didn’t find anything offensive or objectionable in any of the books. I believe they are meant to bring us together and emphasis our shared history.

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