Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bus Blues

Evening, friends.

If my day would have gone as planned I would be on a bus approaching Joplin, Missouri at this very moment.

But, my days seldom go as planned.

I am in the corner of my cozy couch in the parsonage wearing my worn out nightie.

I won't go into the hairy details, but I have a little beef with Greyhound and my husband loves Jesus more than me. At least he acts like Jesus better than me.

I might have wished in-grown toenails on a few folks.

We are trying for Act 2 tomorrow, in which Beke and her boy, Josiah try once again to catch the 1:45 bus to St. Louis and then to parts southwest.

Do any of you remember that awful video of the physician being carried off the plane in protest because his seat was commandeered by the airline? I'm not suggesting that he behaved in a mature and appropriate manner, but I now understand how FRUSTRATED this man must have felt.

Not that you would have ever caught me making such a scene. We don't do "scenes" in our family. Unless some kind of Broadway show tune happens across our playlist. Or they start playing "Play that Funky Music White Boy" over the grocery store speakers.

Speaking of that...I don't think our little grocery store here in town plays in sort of music over their speakers. What is up with that? Do they not understand what they are missing? People are happier when they hear peppy music. Happy people spend more money. And think of all the teenage boys that are failing to be humiliated when their moms start busting a move in the middle of the canned goods.

Back to the business at hand (i.e. my rant)...

How do you do when your well-placed plans go awry?

I used to do better. But then again, I seldom have had much work out the way I thought it should. I should be an old hand at this by now. In my defense, ever since our big move last September I feel like Indiana has conspired against me.

I can't blame Indiana as a whole. We really have beautiful and supportive people around us. Our church folks treat us with such care. And most of the time we all try and act like Jesus.


I had planned to take pictures of the whole adventure, but it's probably a good thing I was too irritated to whip out my phone camera. Not to mention I had wasted all of my battery on checking the nifty little Greyhound bus tracker.

Lies! All lies!


This too shall pass.

In the meantime, I decided to up the ante by putting a few more books in the travel bag and adding a few more treats to our snack cooler. Doing this in faith!

I'll keep you up to date.

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