Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Bus Travels

Good Evening from Cousin Camp.

I'm pooped.

And that's probably an understatement.

I can't possibly talk to you about all that's gone on here since we landed in Joplin on a Greyhound Bus early Friday morning. Or was it late Thursday night.

I will say that there was some cabinet painting happening. But that is a whole other story.

But first....the Bus.

I mentioned previously my sad, sad tale of not making our first scheduled (and paid for) trip. We wound up getting on the Bus last Thursday.

The first bus took us to St. Louis.

I'm not the best selfie taker. But here you can see me and my traveling companion and raring to go.

This first bus was fairly new. There was a bit more privacy on this one compared to our bus that traveled  through Missouri.

We did run into some rain upon our arrival to St. Louis.

We shared the Bus Station with the Amtrak train. This was the "food court." I was just happy it wasn't a vending machine.

We had about an hour layover, but by the time we got food and used the restroom it was time to line up again. As it was we wound up taking our pizza on the bus.

Just a quick public service announcement: PEOPLE! Learn your geography. There were people in line for my bus who were trying to get to Atlanta. Maybe Greyhound needs to invest in little travel maps.

I also need to say that the Bus ride was full of some...interesting people groups. What an adventure for a homeschooled kid!

I don't know why I didn't take any pictures of the second bus. It was decidedly older...and our bus driver had NEVER DRIVEN THE ROUTE BEFORE. Yup. I can count at least 3 or 4 people riding the bus (including me) who could have navigated the I-44 stretch of from St. Louis to Joplin with a bit more confidence. Don't get me wrong..he did fine, but we did leave a fella in Lebanon. This fella didn't pay attention to the warning, "we are only staying at this stop 5 or 6 minutes." In a dramatic hitch-hiking situation, the fella flagged us down. He told me later, he wasn't going to leave the bus until Oklahoma City. For real.

This was our stop in Springfield. It's strange. We have such happy memories living in Springfield. I felt kind of proud of my old town. Even from a bus.

Anyhoo. As I mentioned it was really late (or early) when we got to Joplin. I was thrilled to see my Mom and Dad waiting for us.

So far Josiah has been thrilled to be reunited with his Cousins. These are his people. They appreciate the quirkiness and one-liners. He has even been busting out the moves with his girl cousins playing Just Dance.

Notice I said, "girl cousins."

Those boy cousins are too cool for Just Dance.

If there were only words that could only express Josiah's Just Dance experience.



For now, it's time to eat again.

We do have our priorities.

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