Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Planning (and a bear story)

Happy Wednesday! 

Hopefully your week is moving along all spiffy-like. 

Mine is moving. 

How is that for vagueness! 

This has been one of THOSE weeks. We seldom like to talk about them, but they always find their way into conversation...punctuated by grimaces and eye rolls. 

Anyhoo. I am in the middle of preparations for COUSIN CAMP! I can't believe this our 7th Annual Cousin Camp. In one week, Josiah and I will be on a bus heading south. 

Yep. Taking the bus. 

I suppose there are worse things that an onboard potty and free wifi. The only thing is that I can't haul a lot of stuff with me so my usual cousin camp preparations have had to be via remote control. 

I'm also hoping that the Cousins will have mercy on their poor Aunt and allow her at least 2 naps a day along with a morning cup of coffee on the deck...and a evening cup of tea on the deck. 

I also need a pedicure and chocolate! 


Cousin Camp has already claimed it's first victim. My poor dad was beaten across the back by a short-tempered elm tree then thrown viciously to the ground. He, of course, is WAY TOO SMART to go to the emergency room and had my niece (who is a sociology major) bandage him up. 'Cause sociology is a lot like nursing. 

I would post a picture, but I am still in the running for the favored child status. There is a set of dishes I have my eye on. Basically he was trimming up the yard for Cousin Camp and ran afoul of an elm branch. 

There have been also reports of a black bear sighting at the farm. My mom told me that one evening after supper a black bear was spotted in the back pasture. This meant that everybody had to go see for themselves. They do live in the "Show Me" state, after all. For a hillbilly this means you take off in whatever state of undress you might be in. Shoeless. Shirtless. Whatever. Mom had on her housecoat and long-tailed nightie. Then the truck got stuck in the same back pasture and Shoeless Paul (aka my dad) had to hike it back to the farm to get the car. By this time the bear had decided he had had enough of the hillbillies. 

Mom did have her camera on her. I'm sure between Shoeless Paul and the kids in the back of the truck the whole gang looked just a bit scary. Have I mentioned that these people are smart? Nothing says "bear repellent" like a fancy camera. 

Other summer adventures for us this year have included the Library Program and The Muffin exposing himself to some kind of Poison Oak.  

We are wanting to plan some kind of vacation, but at this point our budget says "no way." 

In the meantime...Have a wonderful week! And don't go chasing any bears. 

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