Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Few Cousin Camp Castaway Adventures

Greetings from the corner of my comfy couch. I have been Post Cousin Camp Recovery Mode.

And yes, that is a thing. It takes this girl a little longer to recover from a good time.

I even had this trouble when I was young. And thin. And healthy.

Tonight is normally Church Night, but we were washed away. Literally. Our church parking lot (which we lovingly refer to during rainy periods as "Lake Assembly") didn't have a single spot above water. The Muffin didn't want to bring folks are in short supply among our congregation.

And, my friends, I am TIRRED. Even my toes are tired.

I thought I would share a few pictures from our Cousin Camp adventures. You need to know I will post another round fairly soon. I am waiting for the Master CD from my momma. She took all the good pictures. The ones I am about to show you I took from my phone or tablet. Which means some of them appeared on Facebook, as well. You might have to squint at some of them to see them properly. I am THAT kind of photographer.

I posted a little bit about our Bus Trip to the farm. What I didn't make public was that Mom and I had conspired for me and the Cousins to paint her kitchen cabinets while she and dad went on a little mini-trip before Cousin Camp.

And with the help of Baby Sister...We did it! You have to know my Dad. With every slap of paint someone would say, "I'm so glad Papa/Dad isn't here. He'd fuss about my paint job." The man is really picky. But I will say that he was gracious about the whole thing upon arriving home and even mentioned how nice everything looked.

Sneaky Painting for the win!

There have been a few new arrivals since last I visited the farm during Thanksgiving. Yes. These are ducks. There are 4 ducks in all. One of them is extremely "ducky." I'm assuming it's the boy duck. He talked ALL THE TIME. Quaaack...Quack. Quack.

This is another new arrival on the Farm. This little kitty, Garfield, showed up one day. He is probably the friendliest cat I've ever encountered. He also has ADHD. And fleas.

No Cousin Camp blog would be complete without a shout out to the Big Black Dog. Solomon is getting old. You can see that his fur is turning red and he is loosing some of his Rottweiler color pattern. He is still the BBG. And he was sooo happy to see me.

Amy (the Australian Shepherd) looks pretty nervous in this picture. Someone has bought the woods next to the farm. They are clearing them out. There were all kinds of bulldozers and chain saws in action working on this day. Between all of our "tree hugger" cousins loudly protesting (LEAVE  OUR TREES ALONE!) and those strange machines and people...Amy was nervous. She needed her people to be WHERE THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE! She did wind up "herding" Mom to the back door.

First official day of Cousin Camp! Our theme this year was Castaway! So these folks went on a 3 hour cruise....Needless to say, their goal for the week is to get off the island! They embraced their challenges with the usual Cousin Camp gusto.

Contrary to other years, we had A LOT of rain. So much rain. It certainly changed our plans. The Cousins still had the opportunity to create this Obstacle Course. And Ama had to try it out. She is going to KILL me for posting this picture. But...I am 2 states away this time. I cannot be smacked. Isn't she as cute as she can be?

Here you can see a few of the gang trying it out.

Another big activity at Cousin Camp every year is boating on the pond. This year the boys took charge of getting the boats all together. What you can't see in this picture is the little kitty Garfield sitting in Cade's lap (he's the one facing the pond).

Have oars...Will battle!

One of our annual Cousin Camp traditions is a visit from my Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Paul. This year we were so excited to have a visit from Uncle David and Aunt Beth, as well! They were visiting from Nevada. The kids decorated the deck and we enjoyed a cookout and then fireworks once it got dark. 

I have to say that our Cousins are just great kids. Despite the rain and having a gimpy Aunt (that would be me) they still made their own fun. We made pie. We made cake. We danced. They binged watched The Flash. They just enjoyed each other. I promise I'll share more of our week once I get the CD from Mom.

The time went FAST! Before I knew it we were getting on the Bus again. This time we left Joplin around 5:30am. I will say that riding the Greyhound Bus was an adventure. I don't know if it is one I care to repeat. I think it is certainly an effective way to get around AND we met a lot of interesting people from all over. Josiah has decided he needs to learn Spanish (he was inspired by meeting some of our fellow bus passengers). I'm just glad he has not decided on a course in American "Foul" Language. I have never heard so many potty mouths. Every. Other. Word.

Clean up your mouths, America!

Anyhoo. We did have a 2 hour delay in St. Louis and I heard a lot of travel horror stories. Just keep your identification close to you my friends. I am thankful for our long suffering bus drivers. It was nice not navigating holiday traffic. On the other hand, one of the great things about a road trip is being able to plot your own course and stop when you need to stop. It is an adventure I won't soon forget.

Okay. So that's it for now. I am going to find something to read and continue my Post Cousin Camp Recovery treatment plan. I'm sure somebody has some chocolate stashed away somewhere!

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