Thursday, October 12, 2017

Brinkman Adventures Season 4 (A Homeschool Review Crew Post)

As of late, we have been enjoying a combination of two of my very favorite things in the whole wide world. Audio dramas and Missionary stories. We’ve been fortunate to review seasons from the Brinkman Adventures before. This time around we got to listen to Brinkman Adventures Season 4.

Brinkman Adventures

The Brinkman Adventures are produced by Beachglass Ministries. There are 5 Seasons of this exciting and inspiring radio show. The stories are based on true missionary stories all told by the fictional Brinkman family. The family really does exist, but all the names and other details have been changed.  

You can purchased all seasons either as a download or as CD sets. Our previous adventures with the Brinkman family have been via a CD, but this time around we received a download.

Some of our most favorite listening together has happened in the car, but for this product we sat around the table in the afternoons and enjoyed the stories.

I can’t tell you how inspiring and moving these stories are. We enjoyed each and every one of them. They are all under 30 minutes in length and have a wonderful blend of humor and suspense. Each of the episodes have a main theme to help encourage the listener in their own faith.


A Paradise Lost – God is in Control

Remember Nhu – Persevering

Aisha’s Fear – Overcoming Fear with Love

Heart Song – Tenacious Faith

The Crashed Kitchen – God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

Crisis in the Congo – People Over Projects

The Mysterious Palm Feller – Confronting Evil

War of the Raccoons – Faithfulness in Work

The Five Guys – Listening to God

Toughest Man – Surrendering Everything

Cambodian Quest – Going Deeper with God

What Brings Us Together – Glorifying God in Every Vocation

I found that while it is possible to listen to whatever episode strikes your fancy, it makes more sense to listen to them as listed in little audio folder.  We got to visit Cambodia and hear about human trafficking, we got to hear of miracles in South Africa and persecution in Russia. There is even a wedding! 

Personally, there were a few episodes that caused ME to do some deep soul searching. Would I be strong enough to defend my faith in the midst of persecution? Could I trust God despite the soul crushing experiences some of these folks faced?

One of my favorite parts of the Brinkman Adventures are the Real Stories found on the website. Here you can read about what actually happened during each adventure AND what they had to do to modify the story to make it work for the audio drama. This time around one of the Episodes is entirely fictional (but so much fun!). I’ll leave that one as a surprise.

I can’t recommend the Brinkman Adventures  Season 4 enough.  Season 5 is also available for those of you who like to keep up with the Brinkmans. I think all of them would make a great gift or fun addition to your own homeschool adventures. I would also recommend them for any kid's programs at church, but some of the topics are rather intense. You would have to use at your own discretion.

You can connect with Brinkman Adventures via the following social media outlets. Don’t forget to click on the banner below to read more reviews.


Brinkman Adventures Season 4
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