Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Day #1 - Worship (31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes Challenge)

I'm joining in the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes Challenge from Five Minute Friday! This means I am taking the theme given, setting the timer for 5 minutes and just writing.You can check out the whole series here.  

Today's topic is Worship.

It was a few years ago. It was our Sunday to have the service at a local nursing home. We lugged in our fancy instruments and equipment, did a mic check and waited for our congregation.

They came. Some wheeled in by aids. Some able to carry themselves into the dining hall. Some were "gussied up." Especially the women. They had taken care with their hair and dabbed on their lipstick. Others were more of the "come as you are persuasion." I found myself just a bit envious of the display of stretchy pants and house robes.

We started up our service with a lively gospel hymn. There's nothing like them. I am quite fond of the new songs, but those old hymns seem to hit those themes of Grace and Dependency like none other. You can tell the folks who penned them had walked the walk and had a story to tell.

When you minister to a nursing home crowd you have people in the crowd of all persuasions. Some, like me, were raised in a lively church. We don't feel like we've been to church unless we've heard and sung a toe-tapping, hand-clapping chorus about redemption. Others have been raised in more conservative houses of worship.

What I have discovered over the years is that the nursing home is the great qualifier. Churches from all denominations are welcomed to hold services...and week after week...whether it be the Assembly of God, Baptist or Presbyterian...those same sweet folks show up.

On this particular week, something struck me. We weren't in a traditional house of worship. Though our little band was certainly capable we wouldn't be asked to lead any large and lofty congregations...none of us wore skinny jeans. There weren't fancy stage lights or choreographed worship moves.

We just sang the simple truths of the Gospel. Of course, you and I both know that worship doesn't even need to happen in a church. It doesn't even have to be musical. It's our heartfelt service and praise of God almighty.

Those sweet folks had figured that out. As we sang, "What a Day That Will Be," I noticed a man in the corner gazing up at the ceiling with tears running down his face.  He was not as old as some of his church goers. An event had put him in the nursing home well before his time.  He didn't sing with us...he just simply let his heart express what he was feeling for his Savior. I learned later that it wasn't too awful long before that man went home to Jesus.

What a day that will be...

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  1. Ok... I am a few days late finding you, but THIS is sooo good! Glad to be here.


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