Sunday, November 19, 2017

Still Complaining and A FREE Doodle (Christmas Choir)

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Hello, my friends.

It's cold here in Indiana today. Not that I've been out of the house in almost a week.

I take that back. I did go to the doctor, but that barely counts, right?

I got up this morning with every intention of going to church. I got as far as making a pot of coffee, feeding the cat and fussing at Josiah to get himself out of bed.

Too much for me! I do feel better in some respects, but the thought of even putting mascara on (let alone going to church) was exhausting. You know you have been sick when you readily agree that the Orange Crush your son has been guzzling down can be counted as a fruit.

I am really, really looking forward to Christmas this year. I've been making plans. Some of those plans sound exhausting to me right now, but I know that eventually I will need those plans.

Written in sparkly pen and highlighted with jeweled stickers. That's just the way I roll.

Something I have learned throughout my years of chronic illness, etc. is that a girl really needs to have an arsenal of things that feed a creative outlet, help relieve stress and takes appreciation of those little moments. After all, those little moments are all some of us are guaranteed.

A few years ago, my momma began creating adorable zendoodles (also known as zentangles) for her people at the Nursing Home. She is getting ready to retire towards the end of December, but for the past several years she has worked in the recreational department of a nursing home in Joplin, MO. She plays music a couple of times a week, teaches art classes and a variety of other handicrafts.

A big change for her years as a Respiratory Therapist, but Momma did go to art I guess it wasn't that much of a stretch.

Well, the zendoodles were a big hit. We even had a little online store for a bit. I've shared a few here on my blog. And today, I have another one for you.

Isn't this little Christmas Choir the sweetest? I think it would be adorable as a print to frame or as even a gift to give.

All you need to do is click on THIS LINK (or the picture) and you will be directed to Google Drive. There you can download a PDF of the print.

The finished copy will not have the SassyFrass watermark on don't worry about that.

My favorite materials to use for coloring are a couple of things.

First, everyone must have a set of Prismacolor Coloring Pencils. They are truly beautiful and so great to use.

You can use a set of Dollar Store colored pencils, but I think that once you try these you won't ever feel the same way about colored pencils again.

There is also a bigger set (72 pencils) for some of you more ambitious coloring hobbyists. This set has a pencil sharpener (which is a necessity) included.

I don't like to use markers for these projects...they bleed through and are too heavy. Instead I opt for Gel Pens. I LOVE a good Gel Pen. They make me happy.

One of my favorite brands of gel pens are these from Sakura. They are called the Gelly Roll pens. the set you see here is the metallics. I adore anything shy and glittery and these are so smooth to use.

I also any of these pens and pencils would make a terrific gift or stocking stuffers for your Bible Journaling friends or budding artists. I know I would be thrilled to find any of these in my stocking (hint, hint).

So that's it. I hope you enjoy the sweet little Christmas Choir girls. You can find a few more Zendoodles underneath my Free Printables tab.

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