Monday, August 20, 2018

You Do You! (5 Days of Homeschool Encouragement)

Yay! It’s Monday!!! In all seriousness, the only reason I can have all the feels for this particular post is that I am NOT writing it on a Monday.

 I have a really deep question. What motivates you in your life?

 This is Motivational Monday, after all. For me, it would depend on what we were talking about.

Most of the time, I’m (to quote Sir Lionel Richie) easy like Sunday morning.

In other words. I’m easily impressed AND entertained.

Just in the past 3 days, I’ve gone to Ikea, Trader Joe’s, an antique store, eaten frozen custard and French fries with cheese sauce.

That kind of awesomeness is going to last me at least 3 weeks. Maybe a month. So how about homeschooling? What has kept me homeschooling going on 11 years?

When I first started homeschooling I thought our homeschool days had to be exceptional. When I attended homeschool conventions I was blown away by the sheer amount of material fluttering my way. What was the right way? What the best way? What was the least likely way to mess up my son forever?

I still struggle with that from time to time. And up until a few years ago, I would find myself reading a homeschooling article online and think “Oooo. Maybe that lady has all the answers and I need to do it like her.” Only to discover that her people aren’t my people. And I’m certainly not her.

It took me time to settle into my own homeschool skin. I decided that ordinary days were perfectly fine. That getting our work done was an absolute sign of achievement. That running around the 20 times was a perfectly acceptable form of physical education and my son was really more interested in learning the quickest way to beat his newest NFL football game than learn Latin.

The motivation for what you do in your life, especially when you homeschool, has to be more than a pat on the back. You aren’t always going to be able to trot out that kiddo who is exceptionally gifted.

Your social media life isn’t always going to be picture perfect and you are going to get tired of explaining to relatives why you decided to homeschool in the first place. When it gets tough and you can’t see measurable progress and you feel like a failure…that’s when you have to decide what your motivations are.

There are going to be days when you hope that nobody comes knocking on the door because your laundry and dishes have taken up the call to “go forth and multiply.” There will be weeks when everybody, including the cat, is under the weather.

There will be seasons of loneliness where it seems like you are all alone in your call to homeschool.

 Dig deep. Plant yourself firmly. Don’t get caught up in the glory days or Pinterest worthy moments  You have to be confident in who you are and what you bring to the life you are giving to your kids. Don't make decisions based on shame.

 Do you. Do what you do best. Take care of yourself. Cherish your kiddos. Take pride in the exceptional and personalized education only you can give them.

I'm joining with my people at The Crew. You need to read their stuff. I know you will be blessed.

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  1. Ordinary days are perfectly fine, maybe even more perfect than exceptional ones. This is beautiful.


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