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GrammarPlanet (A Homeschool Review Crew Post)

The latest review I have for you is GrammarPlanet. So far, I've been quite impressed.

Way back in the day (before the Interwebs were even a thing) I learned grammar the old-fashioned way. My teachers were also big fans of diagramming sentences and I still can't look at a sentence without automatically diagramming it in my head.

I am not quite a grammar fanatic, but I do kinda/sorta probably mostly cringe when reading most social media posts. Much like the one I just wrote.

I do feel like grammar needs to be part of a good, if not great, education. However, it's a lot harder to teach...especially to someone who doesn't enjoy reading as much as I did as a kid. My son is also dyslexic, so we have spent a good amount of time just celebrating the reading part of the process.

Josiah does so much better when he can constantly review. He has a hard time playing catch-up and likes to compete with himself. GammarPlanet is perfect for him in this regard.

I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's talk about the particulars.

GrammarProgram is an online program. You will need a reliable Internet connection, a good set of speakers, headphones or earbuds and some way to print a set of notes that come with each unit. It is intended for kiddos who have no knowledge of anything grammar to those who think they know everything but want or need review. That covers a lot of folks.

GrammarPlanet actually has a FREE version that you can sign up for that features ads. The trial version I played with this version and perfectly respectful.

In fact, I initially enrolled Josiah and me in the same course. Granted it has been a bit since either of us have simply needed to identify only the nouns in a sentence, but this is the deal. If you are playing around and trying to whiz through a lesson and happen to score poorly on your practice questions....

The program will prevent you from moving on, my friend.

You will either have to appeal to your mother and master of the GrammarPlanet dashboard to unlock the next Unit or you will have to do the poor Unit all over again.

There be consequences in grammar.

Eventually, our account was changed over to an Ad-free version and I have to say that this was much better for Josiah. I am not sure about the cost on this, but if you have a kiddo who is easily distracted I would recommend this version. The program itself is wonderfully simple and perfect for kids who need just the basics and none of the fluff.

Which, in my humble opinion, is about everybody.

Before you get ready to head on over to sign yourself up, I don't believe that version is ready for the general public so don't get too excited. But do sign up. They will have the Ad-free version ready for everybody very soon...I am just not sure when.

On with the show.

I don't have a screenshot of video lessons, but each Unit begins with those. These lessons are taught by the lovely Erin Karl who is CEO and Owner of GrammarPlanet and Analytical Grammar. She does such an awesome job. She is easy to understand and very clear in her explanations.

As I mentioned, the program itself is simple and easy to manage.

You can see from the screenshot that parsing is used here. Parsing is simply labeling the part of speech in a sentence using an abbreviation. Here we are marking the noun.  The popup box is asking me about labeling the word.

What you can't see is while the word is read is marked red, there is a little note at the bottom of the screen that told me that I had labeled something I hadn't been taught about yet.

Here is the score sheet from Josiah's first Unit. I can tell what he struggled with by scrolling down to what was marked incorrectly.

This is a screenshot from a test.

And the screenshot after the test was taken.

Another great thing about GrammarPlanet is that it is recommended for the student to work for 15 minutes a day. It's not going to kill anybody to work at anything for 15 minutes a day. You get great progress notes and you know your student is getting a solid grammar study and review. 

The boy needs it. Every bit of it. 

This one is a keeper! 

You can connect with GrammarPlannet via the social media outlets. For more reviews click on the banner below.

Grammar Program Online {GrammarPlannet Reviews}
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