Friday, February 22, 2019

IXL Learning and Spanish! (A Homeschool Crew Review Post)

I’ve reviewed for IXL Learning a couple of times. And I’ve always been impressed with what I’ve seen. They’ve also expanded the site to include more content over the past couple of years. I was so excited to see a whole Spanish section this time around. In fact, this is what we concentrated on when we were given an opportunity to review a full annual membership subscription to IXL Learning once again. 

For my review, I was given an annual membership to IXL. The four main subject areas include math, language arts, social studies and science. And, of course, there is Spanish! The math and language arts sections include content for K-12 grades. The social studies and science areas focus on 2-8 grades.

There are a few ways you can access the content. You can do so by grade level or you can find them by topic. We used the latter method quite a bit. I like Josiah to be able to review the most he can. He is dyslexic and those struggles extends into math. Having this kind of review helps him tremendously.

Keep in mind that IXL isn’t necessarily a curriculum. Instead, it a supplement. That being said…it is a very smart supplement. The program adjusts itself to the student’s progress. There are tests (diagnostic) that measure where the student should start with any program. 

And IXL Learning is great to keep track of the student's progress and keep the parent in the "know." 

I thought I would show a little bit of what Josiah has been doing in the Spanish section for the past couple of weeks. Josiah is working through a Spanish curriculum currently, but I have found that the constant review and multi-media approach is so beneficial for him.  

This is the page Josiah sees when he opens the program. IXL Spanish has a total of seven units and 120 skills. Josiah has started Unit 1 with the basic vocabulary.

 There are a variety of types of questions. The one below is matching, but Josiah also has found fill in the blanks, etc. You can see a timer, number of questions answered, and a score box.

On this day, I can see that during the past 30 days Josiah has answered 212 questions and spent 1 hr 26 minutes reviewing his Spanish. I'm fairly certain I assigned more...😉

But I will say that I don't ever have any trouble getting Josiah to review his Spanish using IXL. He tells me he has enjoyed himself.  

I took just a few seconds of video the other day before he noticed. He is pretty intense. 

We really love this new addition to IXL Learning. It is exactly what we were looking for.

One last thing (almost)...keep in mind that IXL Learning is an online program. You will need a good connection. We also used the sound option so Josiah could hear the pronunciation of the words. IXL does have a mobile app. However, I don't believe that the mobile app supports the Spanish program currently. It has to be accessed by a web browser.

You can read my past reviews of IXL here and here

You can connect with IXL Learning via the following social media outlets. Don't forget to click on the banner to read more reviews! See how other Crew members used their subscriptions. 

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  1. IXL is a great tool! The kids have tried using it before and had some doubts about it. We've also been using Beestar for awhile too, another great tool.

    1. I think that IXL has great parts of it that is useful for the kids to learn from. Sadly we didn't enjoy it as much as we would have hoped. Beestar was another good option that we liked and the kids really enjoyed it!


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