Sunday, January 12, 2020

Meal Plan Monday - A Pantry Challenge

Hello, my friends.

I'm back with another Meal Plan Monday.

I'll try and make it short and sweet. (She says half-convincingly in her head while knowing full well it is not in her nature to be short or mostly sweet)


When I make my meal plan every week I try and take into account the week's activities, what I already have in the pantry and freezer and my energy level.

This week is one that I need to try to make do with what I have in my pantry. This can be an exciting challenge. It's almost like creating your own Chopped kitchen show.

The Muffin is also at the tail end of his recovery with THE PLAGUE. I'm hoping that my role as the primary caregiver of one with THE PLAGUE is about at its end.

Amen and Amen.


Lentil Love

It's legume night at the Teague house! The recipe above is my go-to lentil recipe. I will also cook up some brown rice in the ole rice cooker and add even more veggies for my benefit.


Pork Tacos

Taco Tuesday! On this night I will be using some pork taco filling someone gave me. It's currently in my freezer and I need to use it up. I will serve mine over a large bed of romaine and make sure we have plenty of taco fixings. This includes my Thrifty Gal's Salsa.  It is a staple in our house. I try and keep the ingredients always on hand.



Josiah is cooking on this night. He's chosen hamburgers. I will eat mine bunless and with a big side of broccoli. I also love to saute up a hefty portion of mushrooms and onions to serve on top. I doubt that will happen this week. I probably have a small can of mushrooms in my pantry but fresh ones are in small supply.


Oven-Baked Cod, Roasted Okra and Cauli Rice

I have some Cod in my freezer that will be perfect for this night's meal. I also have some frozen okra from my parents' garden that I need to use. I might do regular rice for my guys and leave the cauli rice for me. This will be a low-calorie meal and they might need a bit more bulk.


Personal Bagel Pizzas

It's Family Night! We most likely watch a movie on Disney Plus or Netflix and will need something festive to add to the fun. We used to do pizza more frequently, but I have to do a little more planning with my meals than our favorite take-out pizza. For this night, I plan on setting out the ingredients for my guys to make personal pizzas. I think I have some bagels in my freezer that will make perfect crusts. For myself, I will use a whole-wheat tortilla. The rest of the toppings will depend on what I have on hand.


Edie Wadsworth's Best Ever Beef Stew 
It's my frugal gourmet night. This is the night I plan on doing something a bit fancy...if I am so inclined.  Beef Stew isn't necessarily considered a gourmet dish, but this Beef Stew recipe will change your life. It takes all day and I have a little bit of stew meat in my fridge that is calling out for this treatment. I will just serve it with some crusty bread.


Leftover! Or sandwiches. We shall see what is what by then. I always have salad fixings and stuff for a ham sandwich.

That's it! Hopefully, I've supplied some easy supper inspiration. Let me know what you do when you try and eat out of your pantry.

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