Thursday, February 27, 2020

10 Random Things About Me (30 Day Blog Challenge)

So here is the absolute truth.

I almost forgot that I'm doing this 30 Day Blog Challenge.

In all fairness to myself, we are really busy this weekend and my blog hasn't been high on my 'gitter dun' list.

I didn't plan well. Obviously.

But. Here we are and I am not going to reveal 10 Random Things About Me.

In no particular order of importance or interest. Somewhere, deep in the bowels of my blog, there is a Random Things About Me post that features far more Random Things than 10. It's been ages since I've laid eyes on it.

Just be thankful I'm not feeling wordy this evening. 10 Random Things About Me is about as much as I can muster up.

You're welcome.

1. I was born in Nicaragua. My parents were Missionaries. No. I do not speak fluent Spanish (you were going to ask that next, weren't you). We left when I was really little and the only Spanish I have had was two years in high school.

2. I got married to The Muffin when I was a baby. A baby I tell you! I was 19 years old and The Muffin was 29. Shocking, I know. He pretty much robbed the cradle and I have reminded him that I am 10 years younger than him about every day of our married existence. And that, my friends, has been nearly 29 far.

3. I have terrible eyesight. I started wearing glasses when I was in 2nd grade. I began wearing contacts when I was 15 and have worn them ever since. Not the same pair...that would be some amazing contacts.

4. I LOVE to read. I would rather read than do about anything. In fact, sometimes I read when I should be doing other things. This was a problem when I was growing up. And I read freakily fast. I go through books like some people binge watch Netflix.

5. I became a mom when I was 29. We adopted our sweet boy when he was 2 weeks old. I cannot begin to tell you how that changed my life. I would have adopted again in a heartbeat, but the opportunity never presented itself again. Our boy is pretty much a miracle. My odds of becoming a mother were pretty slim.

6. I am musical. I can kind of play the piano. But I do sing. I am an alto (from a long line of altos). Harmonies are in my blood. My mom used to make me harmonize to her on car rides. Then she would make me sing the harmony part without the melody. Josiah thinks I know ALL THE SONGS because I am always humming a harmony part to whatever is playing in the grocery store, the restaurant.... I can't help myself. Not only that but I have also been know to break out into spontaneous choreography in the same grocery store to the Bee Gees. I am that woman.

7. I have never met a thrift store/flea market/junk shop I didn't like. My mom used to call her own decorating style "Early Attic." The majority of my home decor is thrifted or original art. I love repurposing treasures or making your cool junk my own.

8. The very first thing I ever had published for a wider audience was a commercial I wrote for Smoking Cessation. I was in 7th or 8th grade and my commercial was chosen along with a few others to read on the local radio.

9. My very favorite chapter of the Bible is Psalm 91. Though it was written in a different time and place it reminds me that God is for me. Plus, it is very beautiful and poetic. It is gorgeous and inspiring. Go read it.

10. I am a MESS. Literally. My body doesn't work right and I have more metal in my left hip and right leg than some small aircraft engines. But...God has been faithful and most of the time I can smile through it all. Or at least smize.

Bonus Thing: We have a Siamese cat named Princess. I WUV her. She loves me, but I am number 3 on her list. She really loves The Muffin and Josiah. I am a cat person. She is quirky, snuggly when she wants to be, and a little neurotic.

Just like me.

So that's what I have for this evening. Day 1 of my blog challenge is finished! I feel pretty accomplished. Especially because I have been distracted by The Muffin and my Pa-in-Law watching growing men wrestling alligators in the swamp. They are in another room but those alligator wrestling shows have required quite the commentary.

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