Friday, March 13, 2020

5 Recipes that I Use Over and Over

It's Day 15 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge! Woo Hoo!! I'm halfway there.

I am about to set you up. As I type everyone is hunkering down. The coronavirus is a pandemic and folks are preparing to spend a little more time at home.

Be it without any toilet paper.

We all should have a little more time for leisurely meals. I am going to share 5 recipes that I use over and over. These are also ones I have found online over the years (or posted to my blog).

Edie Wadsworth Best Ever Beef Stew

This one is one of those that takes all day and worth every minute. I make a simple crusty bread that bakes in the oven in my Grandma Freeda's old dutch oven. This recipe is similar to the one I use.

Lentil Love

This is my Momma's recipe that is here on my blog. It's cheap and scrumptious. You can serve it with brown rice and a big salad. Or just eat the lentils. It's yummo.

Pioneer Woman's Spaghetti Sauce

This is a really good recipe. It can also make use of some of that canned sauce you have in your cabinet. Nobody has to know. I also love making meatballs. The Muffin loves them cooked right in the sauce. This recipe is a good one to use.

Baked Chicken Teriyaki

I have used this recipe for years. I substitute the sugar and make a pot of brown rice to serve alongside. I also like to makes green bean fries or an Asian slaw when making this dish.

Mississippi Roast

Oh, Yas! This one is good for potlucks, easy weeknight meals or "need to impress the company" meals. This recipe uses a chuck roast, but I especially like using a pork butt roast. You will wonder why you never made this.

Hope you have lots of family togetherness and good eating.

Stay healthy, my friends.

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