Thursday, September 17, 2020


 Good morning.

It's much later than it needs to be. I have a whole list of things that need my attention, yet I find myself doing piddley things like writing nonsense blog posts. 

Yesterday, I promised an update on those green velvet pillow covers I ordered from Amazon. 

Overall, I like them. They are a tad bigger than I needed. I'm not quite sure what I was thinking about when I ordered them. I generally order 18X18 covers for my 20X20 pillow forms. These look a little baggy. 

I already noticed a bit of cat hair clinging to this one. 

Princess the Cat adores a good textured pillow or throw. Kind of like her momma. 

I like fabrics that feel good on my skin and, like most of us, find fabrics that are scratchy and stiff unbearable. 

My project for today is a simple one. I have a blank spot on my gallery wall. 99% of this wall is made up of my momma's artwork. My goal is to find a frame that I can stick a piece of jewelry in. It is a broach that belonged to my great-grandmother. I had it displayed once before, but I believed the frame didn't make it through out last move. 

I realize my little project has nothing to do with preparing for fall. But I have been staring at that space long enough. It's time to act. 

Do you find yourself behind in "projects?" I certainly love a good project. Even the most mundane of details fail to frighten me away from one. BUT I can get overwhelmed if I have too much going on. 

So for today. Let us start where we are. I had good advice from a friend. This was concerning weight loss, but I think it applies to whatever we are doing. We need to do the small things first. Don't focus on the enormity of the task or project or goal at hand. Do what you can TODAY. 

And today I can take myself to the thrift store to find a little frame. 

So what is a small thing you can do TODAY to reach your goal? 

I'll share the finished wall tomorrow. 

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