Monday, May 1, 2023

Journal Entry (February 2023)

 Note: For the next few posts, I am going to share several months' worth of posts or journal entries. I didn't post them at the time because I was stressed, uninspired and didn't think they were worth sharing. We can all get in our heads. 

Shew! I just checked my blog posts archive and I have really dropped the ball. It has been months since I posted. I really do have a few good excuses. I started doing a little bit of an update on Facebook. It gradually grew into a novel. I decided to forget it and post on my blog instead. I have some big goals for my blog now that I am done with school (you heard right!). Now is as good a time as any to start. 

Instead of writing a ginormous rambling post, I will revert to my trusty numbering system. It is what I do when I have a lot to say and need to keep things brief. You're welcome. 

1. Most friends and family know that Troy has been driving back and forth from our house to his home town (about 3 hours away) weekly to help care for his parents. His mother had really declined over the past year. It was a labor of love. She passed away a few days after Thanksgiving. We were actually there when she had a stroke. She never woke up. Her family made the difficult decision to take her off life support. She had family with her constantly and was never alone. It was some of the hardest days we have had to experience. Troy preached her funeral. It was beautiful and sad. 

2. We had gone home just a few days before she died. I was nearly out of medicine and Josiah needed to get back to work. I hadn't been feeling while and it turns out, neither had Troy. It was Covid. All three of us (and some additional family members) had it. We were now quarantined and sick. Good times. 

3. We were all tested at the emergency room because we needed to know for sure that we had it because of the current circumstances. Troy and I were given the anti-viral medication. I actually felt pretty good after a few days, considering. We think that Troy caught it at the emergency room when his mom initially had the stroke. 

4. A few days after my quarantine ended, I got sick again. I went to the doctor. Turns out I had a rebound Covid case. Of course, I did. Yippee! A few days after that, I had to go to the emergency room because my blood pressure readings were too high. I spent 2 1/2 days in the hospital. I am now resting at home and monitoring my BP. A few days ago, I had a follow-up visit with my doctor. I not only had Covid in the hospital but I had Influenza A, as well. Of course, I did. 

5. In the middle of this Josiah celebrated in 21st birthday. His grandma died on his 21st birthday. We were going to have a party. He wanted walking tacos and a cake from the grocery store. 

6. On the day I was released from the hospital, I also graduated from college. I obviously didn't attend the ceremony. It hasn't sunk in yet. I expected it to feel differently. 

So life goes on. There are too many things to think about. It is all overwhelming. I know in time we will be able to process all of it. Maybe not today. 

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