Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ding Dongs

You know how the Bible talks about how we do the things we know not to do…and struggle with the things we know are good. I need to get a few things off of my chest.

I promised Troy I would watch "the spending" this week. (All of you on limited budgets know what that means) Next thing I know I am at the Bakery Store buying some Ding-Dongs and a wide variety of fruit pies (they were 10 for 3.99 after all).
Which brings me to my next Oops…I promised myself that I would not partake in the indulgent evil that is junk food. I am diabetic. My extra weight is dangerous to my health and I need to set a good example for my junk food junkie pre-schooler. Why Ding-Dongs? I should have wasted them on Peanut Butter Panic Ice Cream.
Another promise broken…I told myself that as far as my household chores were concerned "Today Was A New Day!” No longer would the dust on piano look like radioactive film. My toilet would be shiny and fresh. The dishes in my sink would find a home in my dishwasher. My family would experience my brilliant domestic skills and be amazed! Problem is that my Ding-Dong gave me a sugar high (and I do mean high) this afternoon and I drifted off into an uncomfortable comma. So…Lunch dishes and breakfast dishes and all those in between wait expectantly in my sink. The toilet has not been fresh in ….eeew…I just can't say. And that dust on my piano will linger there a while longer.

Whew…at least now I've told someone instead of just lying in my guilty and shame. Tomorrow is another day! Hopefully, I can stave off another Ding-Dong attack or worse "the attack of the Krispy Kremes!"

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