Saturday, November 10, 2007

Going Buggy

You are not going to believe this....Actually, if you know me at all very well you probably will have expected it. Yesterday morning I slaved away in the kitchen for hours making two very large blackberry cobblers for a dinner at Troy's work. The blackberries came from my dad's garden and I cooked them over the stove a little bit making sure they were sweet enough...sometimes those homegrown berries can be a bit tart. One of the cobblers I made "lite" with Splenda. I make the kind of old-fashioned cobblers with the pie crusts (which I made from scratch) you can imagine how much time I put into them.

So off to work Troy went....with his cobblers and a big bowl of sliced tomatoes straight from the garden. He called me about 7:00pm. "You aren't going to believe this," he said. I thought....'hey! They just offered him a job making $40,000. We can move out of mom and dad's, pay of a bill, etc. etc.' No such luck. Apparently, a big green beetle had been found in the "lite" cobbler. Yes, yours truly (me) managed to add a special little ingredient to a homemade cobbler served to 30-40 people at Assembly of God Headquarters.

 If you have lived in the country at all and have grown your own produce you know to expect some of the local wildlife to show up every now and then. But good grief! These are city folks! How do you explain a bug in their dessert? I guess everybody got a good chuckle out of that one. Troy had the nerve to throw away the rest of the me...somebody around here would have eaten it! That poor bug. My dad's garden is organic (no pesticides) and he usually "debugs" everything leaf by leaf. Can you imagine just plugging away....spending your days eating a few berries, sunning yourself under the sunflowers then out of nowhere you find yourself the protein in somebody's blackberry cobber.

Oh well. At least if gave everybody a good chuckle. I sure needed one. I had blood work done this morning and I'm going to take Josiah in before lunch to get him checked out. He's has been running a temp since Monday evening. I still have nieces and nephews and I don't feel really good. I'm kind of wheepy and pitiful...anybody else, have those days? But I guess it could be worse. I could be the beetle in somebody's blackberry cobbler.

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  1. Got a great chuckle out of your story. Worked in the AG HQ cafeteria while in college.

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