Monday, July 4, 2011

Random Thoughts on The 4th

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday weekend. We were able to spend an extra day at my Mom and Dad's farm...which means more fishing for The Studly Muffin and he took full advantage of that. Today he had his first experience with real live chickens, but that is for another post. My nephew, Christopher, is also spending time with my parents so he and Josiah got to wander the farm and do all sorts of boy-type activities. Here are a few random 4th of July thoughts that really have nothing to do with the 4th of July.

1. You know. Traveling with the Teagues is always an adventure. I don't believe I have ever been on a trip that I remembered everything I was so supposed to bring or forgot to bring something home (my mom-in-law can attest to this). We tried out for a church one time in the Missouri Boothill..forgot my make-up. I had to go by some at Wal-mart. 'Cause the last impression we want to leave with a congregation is me with a naked face. (We didn't get that church, by the way) I have forgotten my pajamas, underwear...if you can wear it, I've left it behind. This weekend, however, far and away exceeded all of those times. We forgot my suitcase. Yep. No clothes except for what I was wearing...a knit shirt, denim shorts and flip flops. And it wasn't until 9:30 that night when Troy looked at me and said, "You know, I don't remember loading your suitcase in the car." Oops. So Troy and I get in the car and go to the Supercenter (which is about 10 miles up the road) and patch together a passable wardrobe from the weekend. I got a knit dress and a t-shirt for $2 that said, "New Dad." Not only that but I wore my "New Dad" t-shirt home today from the farm. Which means all the customers and employees at the gas station in Grandby saw it. The guy at the Taco Bell in Monett saw it and our neighbors who were wandering outside of our building when we came home saw it. And they are all talking about the crazy woman they saw today wearing a shirt that said, "New Dad."

2. Speaking of forgetting (that is what we were talking about) I forgot my laptop cord at my mom's house. Which means I will be using Troy's computer all week. Ding Dong It!

3. I am hobbling on a infected toe this week. I have tried doctoring it myself and it's to the point I am going to have to have my doctor look at it.  I am diabetic and it's not good to mess around with stuff like that. Anyhoo. Early last week  I came across a little gold tin of something I thought I had somehow taken from my parent's house sometime over the years. McCormick's Black Salve. It works wonders. I didn't inspect it too much. This looked to be the same kind of stuff. I even had to pry it open with a knife so I figured it had to be pretty good, right? I spent the week doctoring my foot with it. And when I got to my mom's this weekend I pulled it out of my purse feeling pretty good about myself. My Mom (medical professional that she is) started examining the ingredients and discovered it had Lead in it. Then she looked it up online and found out it had been taken off the market in 1933. 1933! Best we can figure out is that I managed to get it from my Great-Grandma's house (she died when Josiah was just a baby). And Great-Grandma Freda threw nothing away. So here is my question. Do I admit to my doctor that I have been using a salve that not only has Lead in it, but was taken off the market in 1933? I'm still carrying it around...just in case. It's pretty good stuff.

4. It has been pretty stinkin' hot here in Missouri. I think there has been a rain shower or two in spots, but none that fell on me. Troy did some fishing. My brother came out and helped my Dad on some stuff around the house and did some fishing. And they all gathered around the TV to watch Man-Type shows. You know the ones. Swamp Loggers. Pawn Stars. The Deadliest Catch. Nascar. You haven't watch Nascar until you've watched it with my husband. As I type this I hear a rain shower. Let's all hope it lasts longer than a minute.

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