Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Down at the Farm: Vacation (Kinda)

As promised I am posting pictures of our week-long visit to the farm. We spent a couple of days at volunteering at my Mom's work. Unfortunately, The Studly Muffin had to work. It would have done him good to have a week to fish and sleep and deal with dog slobber, but he is a working man.

Most of these pictures were taken by Mom. I took the ones that were slightly out of focus...but if you squint really hard....:<)

My mom works in the Recreational Department at a nursing home in Joplin. She is really a Respiratory Therapist who also went to Art School. She has been doing Art Therapy at the Nursing Home. She teaches Watercolor, Beading, Weaving, Card Making. Among the activities of the day in her department was the Nail Salon. Josiah pulled on his trusty latex blue gloves and went to work. This precious lady has not only let Josiah paint her nails once, but twice.

She's a pretty good sport...but she still checks them out. Disclaimer: After Josiah's nail appointment I did go back and give Miss Nancy's nails a good tidying up. 

This is during one of Mom's Watercolor classes. Those ladies put me to shame. They have done dozens of beautiful pieces and hold an art show every year. 

I must say that Josiah was in his element at the Nursing Home. He helped dip ice cream, delivered mail, played bingo...I once looked out into the hall and he had caught a ride on somebody's power chair. I was so proud of him. He was so polite and really treated those people like they were part of his extended family.

There is always plenty of work to do at the farm.  Josiah helped Pop (we have always called my Dad, Papa...Troy's Dad PaPah...and Josiah never had trouble knowing who was who. He has just started calling my Dad, Pop) Every evening they watered the garden and the newly planted orchard. They would go down to the pond, fill up buckets, load them in the truck and make their rounds. Every boy needs to be able to ride in the back of a Pick-Up at least once or twice.

I have given my father the same covering the Lord gave Adam and Eve in the garden. I didn't want it to get out he does his chores wearing nothing but his jeans and a sombrero. 

 I love it that my son has also decided that the shirtless look works for him. He also has a cowboy hat he wears on occasion. The whole look works for him. 

A view of the tractor. 

This lovely summer weed is called Queen Anne's Lace. Or so I believe. My mom calls it a weed. I read about Queen Anne's Lace and decided that this must be it. I didn't bother checking. It just sounds good. Anybody feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Where there are trees there must be a boy climbing said trees. 

This is a green bug. Duh, right? Here is the thing. This green bug is on my arm. And I am not waving it in hysterics. 'Cause that's the way I roll.  Just ignore the blinding light that is my summer tan.

The pond. You can tell that the summer heat has taken it's toll. The pond is pretty deep, but we need rain!

Josiah has a bit of the droopy drawers look going on here. It is not a fashion statement. At least I hope not. Somebody get that kid a belt. 

Now that is one big dog. Solomon is large. I talk a little about him here.

He didn't used to be that big. He used to be this big. But he grew. 

And grew some more. 

He doesn't know he's a big dog.  Here he is trying to sit on my lap.

Now this is one good looking boy. Even with his spundies showing. 

He's decided to take a turn wearing Pop's sombrero.  While wailing on his air guitar. 

Okay. Here is the deal. At one point in the week my mom came into the house and informed me that Pop had Josiah weed eating...with an old hand scythe type of thing.  Generally I consider 9-year-old boys and sharp edges a bad combination. But I set aside my angst and got into the "Farmer Boy" spirit of the thing.
 I don't know why I worried. This boy has been wielding a golf club since he was 2. He knows his way around a good swing. I would have whacked myself in the face.

 He actually did a great job and had this whole patch of stuff chopped down before too long. Without injury to himself or critters.

So we had a pretty good time. I read, cooked, watched cable, visited with my parents and drank gallons of Iced Tea. Which is just what a vacation should be. I have some lovely pictures to post soon of family members I have gotten to see this summer and other activities around the farm and in our own little city. There is also the Great Chicken Saga that needs telling. Stay tuned!

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