Thursday, February 9, 2012

Smile Anyways

Today I needed to smile.

Every have days like that? Or weeks?  Or years? Bum-mer.

Instead of staying in bed with my favorite chocolate peanut butter cup yogurt from Brahm's (which I have not had in a year, at least), a bag of salt and vinegar chips (those are also no longer on my list of approved comfort foods) and losing myself  in one of my favorite "brooding" novels (Jane Eyre), I ventured out into the world.

I have been nursing achy bones and what appears to be a half-hearted attempt at a cold...And subsequently had made up my mind to put off any errands until Spring. I have a Kindle now and figured I could find "brooding" novels enough to last me at least until the Jonquils woke up.

I won't tell you what prompted me to take action. It could be that my son was starting to resemble the Wolf Man. Josiah and I hopped in the car and I took a coupon down to a Sports Clips not far from us. All the while Josiah was complaining that he wanted to go see our Hair Lady. We have a wonderful Hair Lady. But our Hair Lady takes 30 minutes and more gas to get there. Wolf Mamma is on a budget.

After his hair cut we went to a little Asian place downtown (where I had a certificate) and had a Mom and Son day. We filled up on Cashew Chicken, Beef Bulgolgi and Crab Wontons. It's amazing what a Crab Wonton can do for the soul.

I would love to post a picture of Josiah and his new "do."  But sadly, my camera has decided that it is no longer in my service. I'm not bitter. Not at all.

Instead, I thought I would post these pictures. This is a few years back. Josiah was probably only 2 or try 7 or 8 years back.  In fact, we were still pastoring a little church in the middle of our state. It was just after Easter and we had come "home" (at least, to my parents) for a visit. I know this was just after Easter because I had put Silly Putty in Josiah's Easter Basket. I didn't say I am all that smart.

This tale is a cautionary one.

Say, Buddy! What is that you have in your hair?

Isn't he a doll baby? Whatever he has in his hair is now also mixed with sand from the sandbox.

So Ama takes a look (Ama is what the grandkids call my Mom). Grandmas are the first and ultimate authority.

While it resembles Snot Ama thinks it might be Silly Putty. I immediately start sinking in my lawn chair. Silly Putty? Where would he get Silly Putty?

 Yup. That's Silly Putty.

And look. He's got some more to show us.

Papa tries to get said Silly Putty out of little boy's hair. Papa uses the "Scrub Till Your Head's Numb" Remedy.

It appears said Silly Putty is not going to come out that-a-way.

In which Mamma has to take matters into her own hands. Literally. Ama reminds Mamma they didn't send her to beauty school for nothing. If only to cut Silly Putty out of her son's hair. (It must be noted that I havn't cut hair professionally in 20 don't call me for an appointment) I'm also noticing this many years later that Josiah needed his ears cleaned out. Did I check his ears before he had his hair cut his morning? Oh great.

Oh well. I needed a haircut anyways.

Sigh. That little face makes me long for those Silly Putty days.

But I have to say...this guy makes me smile. Wolf Man hair and all.

*We received word this morning that a dear acquaintance of ours passed away. Please pray for the family he leaves behind. Various ones have been posting tributes to him today...the words I have seen used the most have been Humble, gentle, servant, Christ-like. What a legacy! We know that tonight he is the presence of our Savior...He is no longer sick or in pain. Now that is a reason to smile.

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