Thursday, October 24, 2013

Musings From the Farm: Take a Hike

We're still at the Farm.

Other than watching endless episodes of "19 Kids and Counting" on Netflix (love the Duggars!) and my favorite Jane Austen movies I've been doing a little sewing, reading and yelling at boys (only to remind them to feed the chickens, I assure you).

I brought a whole car load of "projects" with me to finish this week and I have yet to really crack the surface.

I have been diligent with my exercise, however. I've taken to walking the field up by the barn. My Dad had done a little mowing before he left so I have a nice track to walk around. I still have to be extra careful. The ground is not as smooth as I would like it to be. I walk so much better than I used to. It has taken 17 years (post car wreck) for these kind of improvements. I still kind of drag my left foot. It's not noticeable to the average eye, but I can tell. When I'm really tired to do sort of a shuffle. Kind of like Lurch.

As a result, I have to make an effort to watch out for obstacles, holes and random poles sticking out of the ground (more on that later).

One of the nicer things about walking outside in the country is the all the interesting things one might encounter. Especially in the fall.

I took some pictures one of my walks. It was after supper. I had the boys help me put away the Nacho fixins' and put on my tennis shoes. This was serious walking!

I want to share the pics with you....with brief commentary. Maybe.

I'm not the best "picture taker."  I have loped off too many heads in photographs. And you might not appreciate the beauty of this particular picture, but I loved the sun shining through the trees. I thought it was purty.

This big ole' tree is starting to change colors. I call it the big ole' tree because I can't (for the life of me) remember what kind of tree it is. Maple?

I am farm girl enough to recognize this green tomato. In fact, now that I see this picture I could kick myself. We are supposed to get a freeze tonight. I should have picked the green tomatoes and fried them up in a pan!

There were a few little green beans still growing on the vines. Don't tell my Dad. I think he canned every little bean he could find.

Aren't these just gorgeous? I'm stalling for time because I can't remember the name of these flowers. I would Google it, but I need to get back to a sewing project/the Duggars.

Yes, sweet baby. You're gorgeous too. I, unlike my son, am not afraid of cows staring me down. 

Another shot of the sky.

This was taken down at the pond. Yikes! It's pretty big. I would blame it on the Big Black Dog (Solomon), but I've seen enough muddy dog prints in my day to know this is NOT a dog print. Nor is it a cow print. I don't think it is a deer print. Someone, please..enlighten me.

This is what we call a "boot print." It was caused by a tall teenage boy. That I can bet on. 

 Remember what I said about random metal poles sticking out of the ground? This is of what I speak. I think it's purpose was to hold up a baby tree. Now it's sole purpose is for me to run in to.

Here is a beautiful picture of the Farm on a fall evening. Just lovely. Makes me want to run with wild abandon. There is, however, the little matter of it being physically impossible for me to run.

I posted this one on Facebook. Josiah wanted to walk with me, but didn't want to wear his jacket. Instead of going inside and finding his jacket, he went inside and grabbed two bath towels. He also grabbed a tall bamboo pole. There is a story behind the bamboo pole. That is for another day. 

Fall Leaves!

More Fall Leaves!

Another weed/flower I should know the name of. Any suggestions? 

One of the more dangerous obstacles I had to walk through. Poisons mushrooms are
tricky for those of us who try and walk over them.

One of the benefits of having to stare at the ground while you walk is finding such treasures.

I'm thinking I might need to borrow Dad's tractor sign there on the back. I'm fairly dangerous.I think I'll keep that boy there as well. He's pretty cute.

You can see the sun shining on that bit of fall foliage in the background.

Solomon. The Big Black Dog. Now that's love there, folks.

Anyhoo. Today we are going to try and make it over to the George Washington Carver Park.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. White flowers with the red dot look like Queen Anne's Lace. I looked and looked for it here for a science project and couldn't find it. :)

  2. I saw some more of it today, Cristy. What kind of science project? We might need to try it.


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