Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Book Review: The Christmas Candle

Are you ready to heat up the wassail and put on your favorite Christmas carols? I just had a chance to review a novella that is perfect for the Christmas season. 

Max Lucado has truly a gifted writer. I’ve enjoyed many of his books and The Christmas Candle is no exception. 

This story begins in 1664. A candle maker and his wife are visited by an angel in the middle of the night. The angel touches a candle and it begins to glow. Because of a kindness the candle winds up in the hands of a needy widow. That candle will wind up changing her life.  

You see, whoever receives this special candle receives an answer to their most earnest prayer.  
For the next 200 years, a descendent of the candle maker is visited every 25 years and touches a candle.  The people who live in the little village of Gladstone have come to anticipate the miracles of the candle. 

But times have changed. A young new reverend has come to town and is a bit too sophisticated to believe in such a silly old story.

What happens next is truly inspiring. It left me with a smile of my face and a little hope in my heart.
This is a wonderful Christmas novella.  I think it would be a wonderful gift for the Christmas season to friends and family. 

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