Monday, November 4, 2013

The Wiggles (do you have one?)

I have a wiggle. Not the singing Aussie solid wearing shirt kind. Though we love them. In fact, Josiah used pretend he was Greg Wiggle. (Or was it Jeff?)

This is my Wiggle when he was 2. The blur below was our Dachshund.

But that is neither here nor there. 

My Wiggle is almost 12 and I can pretty much tell you that his “wiggles” are still wiggling. I thought perhaps he might have turned into a couch potato before he was 13…but that’s not happening.

My Wiggle doing his best Superhero impersonation. The fact that he's doing so on some sort of farm equipment....

I’ve written about my favorite ideas to help teach the Wiggle in your life. I'm sure something I've written down can help somebody out there.

My Wiggle can find fun just about anywhere. This is pic I took after swim team practice. He and his friends were having a good time in the hot tub. Who knew the hot tub creates such fantastic bubbles?

This post, however, is not about that.
I want to encourage you to embrace the wiggle in your Wiggle. 
 These kids are often highly creative and fun.

A selfie. He is fond of the nostril shots.

Sure. Some days we travel down more than a few rabbit trails. There are days I need some quiet time! Or I have to schedule an impromptu day at the park.

But I can guarantee you that our life is never boring. 

It is always filled with adventure. 

One of Josiah's most recent pictures. Sigh.

Thanks to my Wiggle. 

I'm linking up this brief (and completely uninformative) post to the TOS Crew Blog Hop (going live tomorrow Nov. 5!). My fellow crew members are all talking about teaching the Wiggly child. Go check them out!


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