Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cousin Camp 2014: Out with a Bang!

This is it. My Day 5 Recap of Cousin Camp 2014.

I know you have been sitting on the edge of your seats. The anticipation has probably kept you up all night.

42 photos of Kiddos you might or might not know will do that to you.

I promise I won't be sharing 42 photos today. There are plenty to share, but frankly Day 5 of Cousin Camp got away from us. No crafts. No cooking school. Just a photo shoot, a cookout and fireworks.

On this day we came back to the good ole USA after a trip around the world.

After breakfast the Cousins/Pirates put on their finest and we trooped outdoors for the annual Cousin Camp Photo Shoot.

(This is the part of the show where I ramble on like the proud aunt/mom I am)

My mom is a very talented photographer. She has taken Josiah's pictures for years.

This beautiful young lady is obviously not Josiah. She is my niece, Kalynn. AKA Scurvy Scarlett Storm of the Sea.  She is crazy artistic. Her gift with ceramics is unbelievable. I can't believe how grown up she is. When she and her brother, Chris, were born they brought an unspeakable joy into our lives. We had been through a rough couple of years...They were born too early and faced some challenges, but God has touched their lives. Kalynn has always been the determined one.

This beauty is Madalyn (AKA Maddy Paige, AKA Queen Sea Pearl Silvergrim). Everyday is a party with Maddy Paige. Maddy is the one "most likely to give Aunt Beke a pedicure." She is sunshine itself. One of my favorite Maddy Paige stories ever is the one about the chicken egg.

This is my fella. He is growing up way too fast. He is Sharkbait (oohaha).

Chris (AKA Crusty Pickle) is Kalynn's twin. He was born second. Occasionally he comes to the farm and helps my Dad with manly work. I can't believe he's old enough for that. He used to flash the postman.But that is a story for another day.

Alexandra, also known as Sassy Topaz, is my brother's 3rd child (out of 4). She's pretty Sassy...if she does say so herself. She is also too sweet for words. Alex is super smart and going places. She is also most likely the cousin to reprimand you for littering, animal cruelty and not recycling. Alex is growing up too quickly. I need her to stop!

Brynn, who occasionally goes by the name of Miss Periwinkle Peg Leg, is brave and witty. She is just plain funny. One of my favorite stories from Cousin Camp is when the kids were playing with sparklers on 4th of July. The kids were wandering around speaking "magical words" and waving their wands around. Brynn's sparkler went out. She circled around her cousins waving her hands around. She yelled, "I'm so cool I can do magic all by myself." No use crying over a faulty sparkler.

This is Payge. Or Lady Fluffbucket. She is the baby and well aware of her exalted position. She is deliciously random. The Muffin (aka Troy) told me that just this past Sunday afternoon she trotted into the sunroom (where he was studying for the Stunday evening service) and chatted his leg off for about 15 minutes. She told him stories of her friends, their friends and friends of their friends. 

Cade (Two Toes Bones) is just 8 weeks older than Sharkbait (oohaha). They both are typical 12-year-old boys in most ways...but they couldn't be any different. Cade is much quieter. He also is quick witted. When the boys were just 2 or 3, Paula and Cade came to visit. We were getting ready to leave the house for some reason. I walked outside with the boys and sat on my porch chair. I promptly fell off (which has happened on occasion). Because of my gimpy hip I was unable to get up by myself. While Josiah stared at me with his little mouth hanging open, Cade ran back inside to get help. I still would trust him in an emergency.

Just too cute.

A picture of the whole gang. You can see we have some characters.

This is the "serious" group shot. I think everyone took the "serious" pose admonishment far too seriously. Could we be any gloomier people?

These last pictures are from our 4th of July activities. I am not going to include much of a commentary.  There is only such much one can say about kids shooting off bottle rockets. There are, however, a group of pictures I am dying to get my hands on. My sis-in-law, Stephannie, took some awesome pictures of my Dad and Chris ducking for cover after lighting some rather sputtery fireworks. I thought I downloaded them, but I can't find them. Steph. If you are reading this....

So the drill was that Paige would put the bottle rocket in the pipe and Kalynn would light it. Paige was supposed to get as far as she could away from the lightening process.

Run Forrest, Run! (sorry..couldn't help myself)

Remember that bull I talked about earlier? This is him. He is a rowdy one. 

So these are really in no particular order. I own personal camera does not take good nighttime/fireworks shots. This shot, however, reminds me of The Little One's mama. My Baby Sister. Baby Sister didn't like the fireworks when she was little. She cried and one of us always wound up in the house with her.

This one. And her Sassy cousin aren't a bit bothered by fireworks. Or much else it seems.

It's a bird. It's a plane.

It's a parachute. Lost in the tree.

I had to post this final picture. The chickens were a captive audience for our fireworks show. 

So that is it for the Cousin Camp 2014 recaps. I have 100's of more pictures, but I will abstain. I do want to post a few our favorite recipes. In the meantime...Hug a cousin today!


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