Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Piece of Cake: From the Diaries of a Fruity Homeschool Mama

This week I'm sharing some Real Life Homeschooling. At least, what happened during one week of our homeschool. These posts are not meant to educate. I can't tell you how to do it "right." So I am not even going to begin to try. This is just life. 

Dear Diary,

Thank goodness we only have 3 more weeks of PE this semester. I’m beginning to lose track of my days. I can’t even remember what I did this morning. It obviously wasn’t productive. I didn’t even have my usual cup of tea and Quiet Time.

That never bodes well for the rest of the day.

Wednesday usually look a lot like Mondays…without the mad rush about town for groceries for these people to eat. At least once a week, a well-meaning individual asks Josiah why he isn't in school? I always politely respond. The responses I get in return are always mixed. One time we were at the Y in the morning and a older lady started telling me of some niece who was abusing her children because they weren't in public school. 

Hmm. Listing all of the perceived evils of homeschooling is not the best way to strike up a friendly conversation with someone who just told you they are homeschoolers. I am used to disapproval from a variety sources. Generally, I explain that I do have an education (though it is not necessary) and I know what I'm doing. I try and do it in a light-hearted way so as not to offend. Though why I am worried about offending someone who has been offensive...

A little rant here. I wouldn't dream of walking up to a total stranger and telling them that their educational (or life) choices are ridiculous. It is bad enough when a family member disapproves. Give me a little credit. I didn't just fall off the turnip truck! 

Rant over. At least until next week. 

You know when you are a homeschool parent when even a few words drawn in the dust on the back of a truck is a teachable moment.

Are those complete sentences? Who is the subject? How would you change this sentence?

Bet the Dude who did this little bit of writing in the dirt doesn’t know he provided a little “car schooling” experience.

There was dancing to be done at PE again today. I know the picture is blurry. This is an example of "I know my momma is taking my picture so I am going to casually look at my fingernail and pretend I'm not dancing." 

This. Is the Cha Cha Cha. 

So they tell me.

This might be a good time, Dearest Diary, to record this bit of information into history. I occasionally catch Josiah dancing to New Direction on the Just Dance video game. Maybe he's in training for next year's Dance Unit at PE. 

After PE I drove Josiah home and ran to Hobby Lobby.

Or as I like to call it. “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

Feel the calming breezes of the craft supplies wafting through the sweet fabric scented air.

I went to get some sort of art eraser. I think Josiah has been using ours as chewing gum.

I also picked up a small pad of scrapbook paper for a project for Easter. So many plans. So little time!

I need more Tuesdays

Our school day was relatively smooth. Thank goodness for that! 

There was oddness going on with his math program on the computer. Josiah was THRILLED!

“Yay! It’s not working! I guess this means more time for Xbox!”

Oh to be young and so delusional. 

Wednesday Evenings include Diving Practice at the Y. 

We loaded up about an hour early and stopped by the Library that is also just a few minutes from my house. Not to be confused with the library I visited on Monday.

I will tell you, Dear Diary, that I could probably do homeschool for absolutely no cost with the exception of an internet connect and a constant supply of printer ink.

Why is it that the Printer Ink runs out at the most inopportune times? 

So I had to stop by the Library. Make a few copies, pick up a book and check out these seed packets.
Isn’t this the coolest? Our library had an heirloom seed program this year. All patrons got to check out seeds to plant. I, of course, will not be planting anything. I got them for my Dad. He will get a kick out them. And I got things I was interested in eating.

When we left the Library we still had a good 45 minutes before Swim Team Practice. I decided to stop by a cupcake store. Isn’t it just madness to stop at a cupcake shop before going the Y?

Why, yes. It is. I can’t explain myself.

This is a Coconut Dream Cupcake. It did have little jelly beans on top of it (just in time for Easter). It was heavenly. 

Anyhoo. Something wonderful happened at the cupcake store. Josiah and I won tickets to see a Theatrical performance of The Wizard of Oz! 

The best part is that I only one 2 tickets. When they found out I needed 3 they gave me another one!

So I won tickets to see a musical and I got to enjoy 1,000 calorie cupcake.And I got to share a minute with this guy. 

When I called The Muffin to tell him about the tickets I made no mention of the Cupcake. I figured that was on a need to know basis.

Dive Practice. There is not much more entertaining than seeing children hurl themselves off a diving block. 

I’m easily entertained.

I did read a book. Sometime of the time.

I didn’t even workout…It seems that I walked out of the house with my flip flops on! Which are not great exercising footwear.

Here is what I have to tell myself.

Did my son get to his activity on time?  Yes. Does he have the appropriate equipment (swim trunks, googles)? Yes. Did he learn? Yes. Did he enjoy myself? Is tomorrow another day? Why, yes,…Miss Scarlett…It is.

Good enough.

I did put in some “Office Hours” when we got home that evening. I worked efficiently and quickly. I rocked it.

If I do say so myself.

That Right!

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