Wednesday, April 8, 2015

There's No Place Like Home: From the Diaries of a Fruity Homeschool Momma

This week I'm sharing some Real Life Homeschooling. At least, what happened during one week of our homeschool. These posts are not meant to educate. I can't tell you how to do it "right." So I am not even going to begin to try. This is just life. 

Dear Diary,

They say the best laid plans of Mice and Men…

At least that’s an old poet said. 

John Steinbeck took it from him.

I frequently repeat it to remind myself that sometimes it just doesn't matter what is written on "The List."  This isn't Tuesday, after all. 

The Muffin is off today.

It’s Thursday. Thursday finds Josiah and me at our little Reading Club. I’ve been teaching this little class for a few years now. They are pretty stinkin' cute.

This is us making butter. 

But who can resist staying home with this?

I decided that Josiah didn’t need to get off that easily. Tomorrow is Good Friday and I might consider letting him take the day off to do boy things.

I made breakfast for my crew and Josiah and I sat down with a few projects and assignments. 

This is my journal entry of the day. Our subject was "Rainy Days." I will have to back and read Josiah's, but I will be surprised if there isn't a reference to football or tornadoes. He tends to ride the same track for a while. 

Help! My table needs an intervention. I need an intervention.

Nothing makes perks up a tired body better than a glass of tea. I think there might have been a book being read. I know I always feel that I'm not doing enough, Dearest Diary.

Am I ruining my child for life because of this decision to homeschool? I happen to know that there are those close to me who believe exactly that. They can never know how much I doubt myself.

Wow! So serious. Maybe I need to go visit the Cupcake Shop again! Sugar and lard always perks me up...that is until I slip into that sugar induced coma.

I can't believe that this boy is even reading close to grade level. It's tougher for him than most. Dyslexia is not an easy cross to bear. He has worked so hard. I have to believe that we made the best choice for him. For all of us.

I was staring at this picture of my beautiful boy when I realized that it looks as if his thumb is rotting off. That is chalk pastel!

Education can be messy, Dearest Diary. Just look back up at my table.

The Muffin and Josiah ran and got tacos for late lunch. I had a nice soak in the tub (my table was just exhausting me) and starting getting ready for our evening at the Theatre!

Now is not the time for me to wax eternal about my love for musical theatre.

I am not the only one in my family who enjoys a little song and dance. Some of The Muffin's favorite movies of all time include Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Yankee Doodle Dandy and Beauty and the Beast.

I married well.

When we got to the theatre someone from a local magazine asked if they could take a picture of The Muffin and Josiah in front of the sign.

My camera was doing weird things once we were inside.

This little glitch didn't prevent me (oh so casually) from taking a picture of someone reading right before the curtains opened. Is this woman related to me?

I always carry a book in my purse. I usually keep my Kindle in there too, but I always forget to charge it. At least I don't have to find a charger for a paperback.

There are just somethings you can't admit to even a diary. One of those things is what kinds of things can be found in your purse.

Let's just say that I was at the gym last week digging around for my earbuds and managed to fling a dirty spoon at an old fella coming over to visit.

In my defense I had just used it to eat some yogurt.

What can I say about the show? It was fantastic. I obviously couldn't take pictures.

Our little community theatre did such a beautiful job. The music was flawless. The costumes were vibrant. It was perfect.

I kept glancing over at my guys. They both grinned from ear to ear through much of the performance.

When we walked out of the theatre hours later it was a beautiful night. Downtown was lit up. We walked back to our car and rehashed all of our favorite parts.

I can't but feel blessed. What a gift this evening was.

We never get to go on vacation. In fact, if we manage to get to Indiana once a year to see The Muffin's folks we are doing good. We don't get season passes to theme parks. We don't have amazing adventures in the mountains or at the beach. We don't have fancy possessions. Our cars are one good breakdown from the scrap heap. We shop sales and Thrift Stores or make do with what we have.

Some don't understand this life we have chosen. They wonder how we can be content with the little bit we have left.

Dearest Diary. It's these people that I live with. They are my contentment. My decision to be home schooling my son has not come with sacrifice.

But it is the best one I could have made.

There really is no place like home.

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