Tuesday, May 12, 2015

On Mother's Day

We celebrated Mother's Day this past weekend. It was a busy weekend. Filled with family, food and rain. We are planning my niece, Kalynn's, graduation party there was seldom time for me to reflect about my journey to motherhood. In children's church on Sunday morning the lesson was about Joseph. We talked about his personal trials and how he always remained faithful to God and His promises. I talked to the kids a little about what it feels like when things don't look like they are going your way and how necessary it is to just stay focused on God.

I speak from personal experience. I wasn't sold into slavery by my siblings (though they might have been tempted to short sheet my bed). I wasn't falsely imprisoned. My struggles have been different.

For those of you who have ever spent a Mother's Day in silent pain I understand. You can read about my experiences starting here.

Saturday night (as we were making up food for Kalynn's party) we listened to some 80's music. I took Josiah for a short twirl around the kitchen. He is almost as tall as me now. His voice has changed and he has some kind of mustache growing on his upper lip.

He's still my baby. I don't take my blessing for granted.

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