Thursday, September 17, 2015

A TOS Review: Super Teacher Worksheets

Being a delight-directed/eclectic/mostly Charlotte Mason homeschooler makes learning our house a bit unstructured as far as traditional methods go. I seldom use worksheets. To me they seem like busy work that has little in common with good literature and quality hands-on learning. That being said, I recognize the benefits of a well-constructed worksheet. I also believe that practice makes perfect. There are those gaps that just need addressing.

It’s often hard to find one place for such worksheets. I don’t much time (unless it’s for a Doctor Who marathon or to pull an all-nighter to reread some of my favorite classic novels). I was thrilled recently to be able to review Super Teacher Worksheets. I received an Individual Membership as part of my review.

Super Teacher Worksheets is a mega site for worksheets and printables. The subject areas are wide and contain worksheets that can accommodate preschoolers through middle schoolers. If you like to create your own there is a handy generator for such a task.

How We Used It

I immediately recognized a huge benefit (for my world, at least). The site is really easy to navigate. You can either browse through the worksheets or search for a topic.

Josiah is studying the Solar System this semester in Science. I was beyond thrilled to find quite a few supplemental material I could incorporate into our study.

The original download is in color. I am cheap thrifty and found it necessary to run my copies in black and white. Also be aware that this particular article mentions that the earth is 4.5 billion years old. We are staunch creationists and it gave us just an opportunity to discuss why we believe what we do. Nothing wrong with that! 

It has been my goal for Josiah to complete more independent work this year. He is dyslexic and often finds it hard to navigate complicated projects. I found that the Articles that I printed off for him to read (and answer questions) have been a good fit for him.

I was also so excited to see many games and projects! There are printable game boards and even a scavenger hunt…just perfect for my busy guy.

Another section I was excited to get into was the Social Section. We learning more about our 50 states this year and doing map work almost every day. Super Teachers has a plethora of resources that are perfect to add to our United States Notebook. As with the science section, there are printable board games and more!

One of the beauties of this particular mapping activity is that it requires the student to not only find certain locations, bodies of water, etc.,but there are a few other requirements as well. For example, Josiah had to do some coloring. Maybe not as cool, but necessary when learning to follow directions. 

Josiah's PaPaw is was born and raised in Alabama. This has been a fun study.

I have also found so many excellent worksheets and activities I can use in the reading class I teach weekly. We are currently reading Charlotte’s Web. And wouldn’t you know! There are is a whole section just for Charlotte’s Web.

And look at this fun readers! I have a early reader in my class that is going to be starting with these very soon! 

My Thoughts

I couldn’t be happier with Super Teacher Worksheets. I have to be honest that I liked it much more than I thought I would. I was more than pleased to find so many hands-on projects and resources. 

Super Teachers has been such a time saver for me. I love having one spot I can go to find what I need.

Josiah has also grown in confidence. He has managed his independent assignments beautifully. 
What a great resource! 

You can connect with Super Teacher Worksheets via the following social media outlets. Don't forget to click on the banner below to read more reviews. 

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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