Friday, September 18, 2015

Having a Bad Day? 17 Weeks of Learning to Live a Beautiful Life

Sometimes Living a Beautiful Life isn't smooth sailing. I find my biggest challenge to living  my life with Grace and Abundance is me!

And sometimes we just have Bad Days.

It happened on Wednesday. I was at Josiah's PE class (located at a local University) visiting with a friend. Our conversation had been fairly light....but then it hit me.

I actually started to cry.

In public.

About really nothing.

The longer I thought about it the worst I felt. Between the combination of hormones (anybody else been there?), some heavy stuff on my mind and a propensity for feeling sorry for myself within  an hour I was having a Really. Bad. Day.

Ever had one of those?

Most of my bad days actually have nothing to do with horrible happenings. Granted. I've had a few horrible happenings in my life time.

But seriously. Sometimes we do have to keep things in perspective.

I don't have a cure for having a Bad Day.

There are a few things that can help turn a bad day around (just a bit).

1. Make that hot cup of herbal tea. Chamomile is a soothing tea. It is even safe for kids to drink! Now there's a thought.

2. Turn off those devices for a while. Nothing gets my goat more than whinnie folks on social medial when I'm in a bad mood. I think unpleasant thoughts. It's better to let the world go on without you. They'll survive.

3. Go sit in the sun for a minute. Grab up some of that Vitamin D. Even a brisk walk around the parking lot will help.

4. Grab a book. I did that one even better and stopped at the library. I picked out one of my favorite Pearl S. Buck's book (everything looks better in comparison to poverty stricken rural China) and a cookbook.

5. Watch a funny video.

Like this one....(Buddy. I feel your pain)

Or this one....(There are a bunch of these. Try not to add to your Bad Day by wetting your pants).

6. Hug a person. Or a pet. Or a person with a pet. Your choice.

7. Write down 10 things you are grateful for. Is it wrong that I have more than 2 things on my list that involve food?

Most important is that we remember this.

Our God is bigger than our Bad Days.

I hope you are truly embracing your Beautiful Life. Warts and all. We have to have those Bad Days to grow and learn. They also help us appreciate the Good Days.

I'll back next week with a practical assignment just in time for Fall!

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