Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Random Nonsense, A Facebook Party & Giveaway!

So I'm writing a random blog post on a Tuesday morning.

You have to know that there must be something really, really important I need to tell you.


Not really.

I am, however, in the middle of scrubbing my bathroom down and I'm taking just a bit of a break. It really shouldn't be a big deal, but I'm organizing my bathroom closet.


I thought I just did this!

In the midst of my mad bathroom closet rearranging....

1. Josiah is doing a little schoolwork.

2. My dishes are staring forlornly from the kitchen sink, "wash me! wash me!"

3. A book I purchased at the Thrift Store is calling me name. Literally. I can hear it.

4. And I'm thinking of the 43 million other things I need to be doing. At. the. same. time.

You get me?

Yesterday, we literally ran all over town. In between, PE class, Swim Team, groceries, errands and then...I took the boy before Swim Team to see if we could find him some new shoes.

It used to be so easy when he was little. Back in those days he was happy dragging out what one his Dad's old t-shirts and piling one of my shirts on top of his head and calling himself Indiana Jones (circa Raiders of the Lost Ark).

Now. I can't even talk about it.


Before I leave you to go back to my bathroom closet I want to remind you of THIS awesome giveaway. There will also be a FACEBOOK party on Thursday Evening to celebrate the release of Wonderfully Made.

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