Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cousin Camp Castaways - Give Me Shelter

Shew. What a day. Or should I say what a night?

Last night I had an "at home" sleep study. What this means is that they send you home with a machine that provides a sleep study. The reason I am doing it at home is long and drawn out...filled with trips and turns and frankly, it EXHAUSTS me. 

Speaking of exhausting...I do have sleep apnea and have used a CPAP machine for 10 years. Sleeping without one was miserable. Josiah said he heard me snoring last night..."BAD snoring," he said. 


Tonight The Muffin and I are on the couch (surprise, surprise). We are watching an old movie on Netflix. I need to be doing some heavy duty writing/laundry/closet cleaning, but instead I have been looking through Cousin Camp pictures. 

My mom got that Cousin Camp picture DVD in the mail to me and I am going to share with you some of my favorites. Remember those days I use to give you a "play by play" of what happened daily at Cousin Camp?

GURRL! That is not going to happen this year. If you want to relieve my glory days you can, of course, look back at all the posts marked 'cousin camp'....knock yourself out. 

I do apologize for what is about to happen next. I am going to start throwing random pictures at you with commentary. As always, I do apologize if you aren't related to these children and wonder why you are spending your weekend looking at strange kids (and I mean that with all my heart). 

I am going to take mercy on you and do a few different posts. I know you need to make time for other sleeping and the like. 

For all of those who follow my blog regularly, you might remember that I did post a preliminary Cousin Camp picture post last week (was it last week?). I mentioned the premise of our Cousin Camp adventure this year. 8 Travelers set out on a 3-hour boat tour. They were swept up in a storm and landed on a mysterious island. They have to spend the week completing challenges to get off the island. 

Generally, I come up with characters for all the Cousin Campers...complete with a back story and name tailored to each kiddo. I did use a Hawaiian name generator at the last minute, but that was RIDICULOUS (and I don't mean that in a good way). The kids decided to name each other and themselves, but like any good aunt and Cousin Camp director I did not write any of their clever names down. 

I mean really...

Who can forget Sir. Rufus Burtwhistle...Wacky inventor. Or Professor Jones Looneydig a famed archaeologist with some controversial theories.....among them that Darth Vader played for the Minnesota Vikings. Or Beau Trickelbank an Olympic athlete who possibly won his Olympic Silver by tossing an Eggo Waffle. (Mystery at Raccoon Manor, Cousin Camp 2015)

Then there are these beauties...Lady Lulu Popplewell,  Miss  Cordelia Honeybun, Miss Prentiss Nightingale  (lion tamer extraordinaire), Pippa Claypot  and Clementine Dainty. Beautiful girls all! 

Before moving on, I do need to share these. Thanks to Photo Shop and my talented, Momma. These are a hoot! We made these posters as part of the backstory during the Mystery at Raccoon Manor. 

I mean really 😂😂😂

Or how about these brave (and lovely) knights. (Cousin Camp Knights Quest 2016)

Maerwynn Stareyes the Sparkly,  Katrain Forestfriend the Serene and Alyeth Silverleaf the Nimble...SO MUCH FUN! 

and one of my favorites....

Plunderin' Stubby Sharkbait (oohaha). Wanted for having shifty eyes, poisoning the King's Fish and impersonating a flautist.  (The Pirates of Racoon Road 2015)

Sigh. Good times. 

But enough of that...let's move on. 

One of the first challenges was to create a shelter with items found in their "survival bucket" and from around the "island." Thank goodness Papa is a hoarder of random and strange things. 

The boys first thought that they would prop heavy logs up against a tree (tee-pee style). Yup. Sounds like  a disaster waiting to happen. Ama gently suggested another route. The boys quickly decided that Ama knows her business and found another location and went to work. 

I am not going to even begin to identify some of that stuff. 

The girls also quickly settled on their location. And took a bit longer to iron their ideas out. Aren't they cute in their tropical tourist garb?  

The boys got extra points for the practicality of their structure. They worked good together. We didn't suggest they spend the night in their shelter. Now that would have been a challenge! 

The girls got points for the "homey" feel of their shelter. Every island shelter needs living room furniture in my opinion. 

I need to tell you that a storm blew in that night and it also rained and rained (and rained) the following day...which was also July 4. The Shelters, well, you know what happened to them. 

Before I leave you, I also need to tell you about Garfield the Cat. I mentioned him in my previous Cousin Camp post. He's something else. He basically appropriated this cup for his very own. Garfield also spent time and care trying to dig up a humongous rock from the girls' shelter area. He was helping, I'm sure. Mom took a cute video of him working away, but I can't seem to load it. 

So, my friends. That's all I have for now. Plus, the old movie is over and I have a book that I MUST read. You know how that is. It's calling my name. I'll be back soon to share a few more pictures.

Aka Lady Prunella Tambling Goggin (Mystery at Raccoon Manor, Cousin Camp 2015)

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