Friday, July 21, 2017

Cousin Camp: Chocolate Covered Crickets and More!

It's Thursday night. 

And if it's Thursday night it must be time for me to post some more Cousin Camp pictures.

You're welcome. 

Before I get started I need to tell you that I did about almost nothing today. I DID get my dishwasher loaded. I DID make supper. I DID work on project. Remember all that writing and laundry I complained about not doing? 

I DID NOT do any of it. Tomorrow Josiah and The Muffin are going to the Indianapolis Speedway for the day so I plan to pretend to some more of something. 

Don't you just appreciate an unproductive weekend? 

Moving on...

 Tonight we are going to focus on the most controversial part of every Cousin Camp. 

The Strange Food Taste Test. 

Yes. We are those people who made this poor baby eat Octopus back in 2014 during our Pirates of Raccoon Road Cousin Camp. 

And last year. Those poor children had to eat things like Dragon's Zits. 

Does this child look abused? I don't think so. This child is PRECIOUS.

 So here how it went down this year. We strive every year to find new and weird things to try. Some might be harmless...for example those candy wafers we placed in bucket #3. 

This year there was chocolate covered crickets (oh yes), preserved duck eggs, dehydrated squid, seaweed sheets (actually a favorite) and pickled herring. 

Never fear, our Cousins are a sturdy lot. 

I separated all of our goodies into tropical themed dishes (complete with a paper umbrella) and numbered each one. The Cousins then drew a number in order of their birth and took a taste of that coordinating goodie.  

 I believe we made the rounds 3 or 4 times. 

Cousin #1 kept a water jug close. 

I think she was fine. NOBODY passed out. 

Cousin #2 (twin of Cousin #1) took it all in stride...and I believe showed us a bit in his teeth. 

Finger Licking Good! 

I do remember that Cousin #3 ate a chocolate-covered cricket during his first round.

Oh yes. You can't phase Cousin #3. This was the best reaction we got from him. He was NOT moved by all the crunchy bits. 

Now this is my bundle of joy...Cousin #4. I don't remember what he had to eat. 

But I am sitting directly to his left. He is giving me quite the look. "AND THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN?" We basically ignore Josiah's food choices. Eating biscuits and gravy any place other than The Dairy Queen and our house is a big adventure for him. 

You can see that Cousin #5 drew the persevered duck egg. 


WE ARE MONSTERS! Don't feel sorry for this Cousin. She always asks if she can have the leftover octopus. 

Cousin #6 is generally less adventurous. 

Poor baby. Notice that cup? We are always prepared. Oh Jesus, help me. 

Are those tears? There is no crying in the annual Cousin Camp Strange Food Taste Test! 

You will be pleased to know that the girl made it through ALL THREE ROUNDS! She survived. She did not, however, ask for any leftovers. 😂

For such a dainty girl, Cousin #7 is extremely competitive. This girl would make herself choke down a TOAD. A TOAD! (note to self: consider TOADS for next year). 

She was also heard to ask, "Do I have cricket legs between my teeth?" 

Cousin #8...who has grown up from that baby you saw chugging down the octopus leg in the picture at the front of the post...can hang with the best of them. And she looks so cute doing it. If this girl can eat dehydrated squid....Pull up your big girl drawers people. Suck it up! 

Before you call in DFS let me assure you that these children's parents know perfectly well what we put their children through. AND they encourage it. After all, we are the family who has been known to have hot sauce competitions. Smoked duck is a traditional part of our Thanksgiving dinner (the baby up above BEGS for it) and my mom's pantry sometimes resembles an exotic food market. 

So that's it for tonight. That's all she wrote. I'll be back soon with more pics!  Night, my friends! 

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