Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Hi friends!

Hope this little post finds you all happy and spry. I'm a little lacking in the "spry" department, but I'll take happy any day. Indiana has been having difficulty deciding what season she wants to enjoy so my poor metallic bones are suffering.

But I have a cat snuggled beside me, a good book and a cup of coffee with lots of cream. What more could a girl ask for?

So can you believe this is November? My baby boy will be turning 16 in 20 days.

I. Can't.

I just can't.

He did tell his Dad this week that he didn't feel like he was ready to drive. We did explain that one wasn't just tossed into the front seat of a vehicle on their 16th birthday. I think he expects to wake up magically on his birthday knowing how to drive.

If only.

But enough about that. Right now. This very minute. I have THREE (3) giveaways on my blog right now. The last couple of vendors I have reviewed for have been very generous!!!

So this is what I have.

Safety Scissors and Pencils Grips - This giveaway is for a set of Safety Scissors and a training kit of Pencil Grips from The Pencil Grip, Inc. This would be good for kiddos who are learning to write or those who struggle with their handwriting. The Safety Scissors are actually sharper scissors with a guard on them...their cut is far superior than the little kiddy scissors.

Thin Stix Creativity Pack (Tempera paint sticks) - The Pencil Grip, Inc. is also letting me giveaway a set of 24 tempera paint sticks. These are awesome. I have a whole bunch in my stash. You don't have to have little people to enjoy them, but they are a great addition to any art supply box. They also would make a great Christmas gift.

The Magic Stories - This is a downloadable product. It is a reading program that uses simple stories to teach comprehension, writing, etc. The ages for this one is 2nd or 3rd grade, but if you have a veracious reader or a struggling reader it would be appropriate.

Make sure you go check them out and enter for the giveaways!

In the meantime...grab yourself a good book and a cat.

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